Oct 05/10 - Pt 3: Chloe Atkins

Chloe Atkins spent 15 years fighting to get her health care providers to do the most basic thing ... accept that she had an illness. In the meantime, she endured chronic pain, partial paralysis and accusations that it was all in her head.


My Imaginary Illness - Chloe Atkins

Imagine for a moment that you are engulfed in a devastating illness. You can't see. You can't eat. You can't move. Now, imagine being told by one medical professional after another, that your pain and your paralysis aren't real ... that it's all in your head. That is how Chloe Atkins spent much of her young adult life. She's now a professor in the Law and Society Program at the University of Calgary. She's also the author of the forthcoming book, My Imaginary Illness: A Journey Into Uncertainty and Prejudice in Medical Diagnosis. Chloe Atkins was in Calgary.

Music Bridge

Artist: Steve Dawson
Cd: Steve Dawson: We Belong to the Gold Coast
Cut: #8, Photograph
Label: Black Hen
Spine: BHCD 0030

Last Word - Migration

We ended the program with a preview of something The Current's Chris Wodskou and Anna Maria are working on as part of our project Shift, about the demographic changes that are sweeping Canada and the world. Chris Wodskou gets the last word today. 

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