Oct 04/10 - Pt 1: Newfoundland Loss

Nearly two weeks after Hurricane Igor hit eastern Newfoundland, people there are still tallying up what they've lost ... houses, photos, memories and for some people, an entire way of life. The Current's Lara O'Brien is on Random Island, Newfoundland to speak with families who are still trying to figure out their next steps, including where they're going to live and how they'll make a living.


It's Monday, October 4th.

Stephen Harper's spokesperson says the Prime Minister is not a control freak, despite what a new book says.

Currently, All 143 Conservative MPs have signed sworn affidavits to the same effect.

This is The Current.

Newfoundland Loss - Lara O'Brien

Two short weeks ago Hurricane Igor hit Newfoundland and in the midst of sudden unexpected devastation, neighbours took care of neighbours. The military came in and the effort to rebuild and replace became fast and furious.

But the water and wind of Igor took something else away in that storm ... the confidence, the future plans, the memories of whole communities. This Morning, our producer Lara O'Brien was in Random Island where so much that was ... is, no longer. She joined Anna Maria from our St. John's studio to share the stories of Random Island residents after the storm.

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