Oct 01/10 - Pt 1: Canadian Corruption

In the wake of the controversy over the article in Maclean's Magazine that calls Quebec the most corrupt province in Canada, we're asking if that's really true ... and inviting people from across the country to weigh in on corruption in their neck of the woods.

Today's Friday host was Ian Hanomansing in Vancouver.


It's Friday, October 1st.

Conservative MP Joy Smith says an Ontario ruling decriminalizing prostitution risks turning the government into a "pimp."

Currently, and that boys and girls is how the government finally solved the deficit.

This is The Current.

Canadian Corruption - Martin Patriquin

Our Members of Parliament can't seem to agree on much these days. But earlier this week, they did something extraordinary. They voted unanimously to censure Maclean's Magazine over its October 4th cover story ... the one that calls Quebec the most corrupt province in Canada.

And our MPs aren't the only ones upset by the story. Many people have called it crass or Quebec-bashing. And Quebec Premier Jean Charest -- who is under investigation for allegedly selling judicial nominations to supporters ... the scandal that gave Maclean's its starting point -- went even further. In a letter to Maclean's, Charest said the story relied on an assortment of dubious conclusions, unproven allegations, and isolated events.

Maclean's is standing by the story and has indeed refused to apologize. But its parent company Rogers Publishing, which has extensive media holdings in Quebec, issued a more contrite statement yesterday.

Here's part of it:

We sincerely regret any offence that the cover may have caused. We value all of our customers and their perspective. Quebec is an important market for the company and we look forward to participating in the dynamic growth of the province and its citizens.

Martin Patriquin is the man who wrote the story that has caused all the fuss. He's the Quebec Bureau Chief for Maclean's Magazine. And he was in Montreal.

Canadian Corruption - Panel

Well, corruption clearly is not unique to Quebec. The question is whether Quebec is actually the most corrupt place in Canada. So for some perspective from other parts of the country, we were joined by three people. Parker Donham is a communications consultant and a former longtime columnist with the Halifax Daily News. He was in Sydney, Nova Scotia. Vaughn Palmer is a columnist with the Vancouver Sun. He was in Victoria. And Stevie Cameron is the author of several books including Ottawa Inside Out: Power, Prestige and Scandal in the Nation's Capital. She was in Toronto.

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