Sept 30/10 - Pt 1: Bob Woodward

We talk to legendary investigative journalist Bob Woodward. In his new book, Obama Wars, he shines a light on the shadowy, behind-the-scenes elements of President Barack Obama's fight against the Taliban and Al Qaeda.


It's Thursday September 30th

James Cameron met with Alberta Premier Ed Stelmach to discuss the province's oilsands development .

Currently, next on the Oscar winning director's list: the long gun registry, the long-form census, fighter jet purchases ... and maybe a sit down with Bonhomme.

This is The Current.

Bob Woodward

We started this segment with a clip from U.S. President Barack Obama speaking last December and announcing a major escalation in the war in Afghanistan.

But according to Bob Woodward, that decision was even tougher than President Obama let on. The result of some intense battles with his military advisors. And the simplicity of the solution masked a problem more complicated than his administration was admitting.

Bob Woodward is a legendary investigative journalist. His writing has shaken Washington for nearly four decades ... starting with his work on Watergate, an investigation that led to the resignation of U.S. President Richard Nixon in 1974. In his new book, Obama's Wars, Bob Woodward digs into President Obama's battles against the Taliban and Al Qaeda. Bob Woodward is an associate editor with The Washington Post and he joined us from New York.

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