Sept 29/10 - Pt 3: Ingrid Betancourt (cont'd)

We continue our conversation with Ingrid Betancourt, a former Colombian Senator and Presidential Candidate who was kidnapped by the FARC rebel group and held hostage for six years.


Ingrid Betancourt - (cont'd)

We continued our conversation with Ingrid Betancourt. She was the former Colombian Senator and Presidential Candidate who was kidnapped by the FARC guerillas and held hostage under excruciating conditions for 2,321 days ... more than six years.

In our last half hour she was telling us about being held in an oppressive and terrifying jungle with captors who brutalized her, who chained her at the neck, who caged her.

She told us how she managed to keep herself going by appreciating the handful of moments where her captors displayed empathy and even occasionally kindness. And in those seemingly small acts she found an inner strength to keep living in that endless captivity. We continued that conversation where she explained that.

Ingrid Betancourt - Marc Gonsalves

Ingrid Betancourt mentioned an American contractor named Marc Gonsalves ... a man with whom she fell in love while she was held hostage. He and two other American contractors were on a U.S. drug surveillance mission in Colombia when their plane crashed on February 13th, 2003.

They were held by the FARC along with Ingrid Betancourt and freed in the same rescue operation in July, 2008. We heard from Marc Gonsalves with what he had to say about some of the children he saw who had joined the FARC and were helping guard them.


Artist: Fruko y sus Tesos
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Last Word - Caregiver Promo

We ended the program something our Documentary Editor Dick Miller is working on as part of our project Shift, about the demographic changes that are altering Canada and the world. He gets the last word today

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