Sept 28/10 - Pt 1: Igor 7 Days Later

It has been a week since Hurricane Igor hit eastern Newfoundland. And some communities are still cut off from the rest of the province and waiting for help. Many communities are running low on essential supplies. And some are out of drinking water and fuel. We hear from people who are still waiting for help and assess the response to the disaster.


It's Tuesday, September 28th.

The son of Kim Jong-Il has been promoted to military general. The clearest sign yet of North Korea's succession plans.

Currently, the news comes as great relief to the marionette workers who have been operating Kim Jong-Il for the past 10 years.

This is The Current.

Igor 7 Days Later - Jenny Tarrant

It has been a week since Hurricane Igor slammed into eastern Newfoundland. This morning, parts of the province are finally getting their first emergency aid. Among other things, Igor washed away the only roads linking some communities with the rest of the province. And that has left a lot of people short of food, water and fuel.

Lawn is a small community on the southern-most part of the Burin Peninsula. It is among the last communities to get help. The road into town is still washed out. Then again, the 800 people who live in Lawn only received a shippment of gasoline last night.

Jenny Tarrant lives in Lawn and she has been feeling the isolation more than most because she is paraplegic. We spoke to her from her home.

Igor 7 Days Later - Brigadier General Tony Stack

Seven days is a long time to wait for help. But the province says it is working as fast as it can. We aired a clip from Tom Hedderson, the Minister in charge of Emergency Preparedness, speaking yesterday afternoon.

At the same time, provincial officials acknowledge that it will likely take months before the rebuilding is complete. Last weekend, more than 900 Canadian soldiers arrived to help with relief and reconstruction efforts. Brigadier General Tony Stack is in charge of those operations. He's the Deputy Commander for Joint Task Force Atlantic. He was in St. John's.

Igor 7 Days Later - Donald Dumont

Donald Dumont hasn't been directly affected by Hurricane Igor. But he has had a tough time watching the aftermath. Five years ago this week, his neighbourhood in Stephenville was flooded. And he's still dealing with the consequences. Donald Dumont was in Stephenville, Newfoundland. 

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