Sept 23/10 - Pt 1: Gun Registry Vote

Canada's Long-Gun Registry survived a vote in the House of Commons. Some observers say that even though the Conservatives didn't get their way on the vote, they could come out victorious because dissatisfaction with the registry could sway enough seats to push them into a majority in the next election. We assess the political consequences of the vote on the long-gun registry.


It's Thursday, September 23rd.

The long gun registry lives.

Currently, opposition MPs celebrated by shooting nothing into the air.

This is The Current.

Gun Registry Vote

After weeks of anticipation, MPs voted last night to keep Canada's controversial long-gun registry. But the debate is far from over.

This morning, many political analysts believe the registry will continue to be front-and-centre in this session of Parliament. And many identify it as the Conservatives long-coveted "wedge issue" ... the kind of thing they hope will earn them a majority.

So to unpack the political consequences of last night's vote, we were joined by three people. Susan Delacourt is the Toronto Star's senior political writer in Ottawa. Don Martin is the national affairs columnist for the National Post. He was in Ottawa too. And Lydia Miljan is a Political Science Professor at the University of Windsor. She was in Windsor.

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