Sept 17/10 - Pt 2: Joint Task Force 2

We take stock of some serious and troubling allegations about what Canada's secretive commando unit has been doing in Afghanistan.


Joint Task Force 2 - James Cudmore

Last spring, the Afghan detainee scandal nearly brought down the federal government. Things have been pretty quiet on that front through the summer. But now, new revelations about two investigations are raising questions about Canada's Joint Task Force 2. JTF2 is the shadowy commando corps of Canada's Special Forces. James Cudmore broke the story this week. He's the CBC's parliamentary and defence reporter. He was in Ottawa.

Joint Task Force 2 - David Pugliese

Indeed, little is known about Joint Task Force 2, let alone the investigation into these allegations. It's considered the top tier of Canada's special forces, but remains shrouded in secrecy with an aura of swagger and the cloak and dagger. One person who has studied it extensively is David Pugliese ... a defence reporter with the Ottawa Citizen and the author of Canada's Secret Commandos: The Unauthorized story of Joint Task Force 2. David Pugliese joined us from Victoria to help flesh out what JTF2 is and what it does.

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