July 8, 2010

Pt 1: FIFA Corruption - FIFA, soccer's world governing body has come under fire during the World Cup over blown calls and refereeing blunders. But according to investigative journalist Andrew Jennings, FIFA has much bigger problems ... namely corruption, bribery, vote rigging and ticket scandals. (Read More)

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Pt 2: Unanswered Questions - It has been a year since an Air France flight plunged into the Atlantic en route from Rio de Janeiro to Paris. And the families of the 228 people who died in the crash still have no idea what caused the tragedy. We have a documentary about one man's search for answers. (Read More)

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Whole Show Blow-by-Blow

Today's guest host was Piya Chattopadhyay.

It's Thursday, July 8th.

The CRTC has imposed 73,000 dollars in fines on companies that violated the do-not-call list ... but only collected 250 dollars.

Currently, On the upside, their carpets have never been cleaner.

This is The Current.

FIFA Corruption

It may be known as the beautiful game. But it isn't always pretty. Throughout the World Cup, FIFA -- soccer's world governing body -- has been dogged by complaints about blown calls and generally bad refereeing ... To the point where FIFA's President Joseph "Sepp" Blatter, felt the need to issue an apology.

But according to Andrew Jennings, by fixating on blown calls, we're missing a much more important story. Andrew Jennings is a long-time investigative journalist. And in his book, Foul! The Secret Life of FIFA: Bribes, Vote Rigging and Ticket Scandals, he lays out some pretty damning evidence about how FIFA is being run. Andrew Jennings was at his home in Northern England.

The Current requested interviews with FIFA and the Canadian Soccer Association. Both declined our request.


Well, we started our discussion about FIFA this morning with some tape of Sepp Blatter criticizing the officiating at the World Cup so far ... and blown calls have definitely been a topic of discussion. In England, they're even singing about it.

We played a song from British band called Krakatoa with their impromptu tune ... The Ball Was Over the Line.


Unanswered Questions

It will be a bittersweet tee-off at the Brad Clemes Memorial Golf Tournament in Guelph, Ontario tomorrow. Brad Clemes was originally from Guelph and he was one of the 228 people on board Air France flight 447 ... the one that plunged into the Atlantic Ocean en route from Rio de Janeiro to Paris.

It has been more than a year since the disaster. And we still don't know why the plane went down. Brad's brother, John Clemes, lives in Paris. He has been trying to find out why the plane crashed ... and trying to come to grips with his loss. Genevieve Oger has prepared a documentary about John's ordeal. It's called Unanswered Questions. It first aired on The Current in March.

Last month in Paris, the families of the victims held a private commemoration ceremony. More than a thousand people from 29 countries attended. And a plaque in memory of the victims was placed in the Pere Lachaise cemetery. The families say they want the search for the wreckage to continue. They have asked to have a representative present during the search and to be kept up to date of any developments. So far, their requests have been refused.

You can find out more about tomorrow's golf tournament and the scholarship in memory of Brad Clemes. Go to bradclemesgolf.com. 

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