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CBC Radio One The Central Morning Show
The Central Morning Show Crew

Mike Aucoin
The Morning Show producer

Mike started out with CBC Television in Happy Valley / Goose Bay in 1981, working for the supper hour news program, Here and Now. In 1986 he moved to Gander to host CBC Radio's Weekend Am show. Three years later he became co-host of the Morning Show in Gander.

When Gander and Grand Falls/Windsor amalgamated he co-hosted the Central Nfld. Morning show.

Mike became the producer of CBC Radio, Central Newfoundland in October, 2006.

He enjoys music, sports, reading and riding his motorcycle. He plays a monthly gig at a local club in Gander and plays for benefit concerts with his musical buddies "Six Pak."


Leigh Anne Power

When Leigh Anne was five months old in Placentia, she watched the Canada/Russia Summit series on her father's knee. At that time, she saw the great Serge Savard, Yvan Cournoyer and Ken Dryden in action, and a Habs fan was born. Since then, she has happily witnessed the Habs win seven of their twenty-four Cups, including their last in 1993, the year before she graduated from Carleton University in Ottawa with a Bachelor of Journalism degree. That same year, she began work as a writer/broadcaster at CBC in Happy Valley-Goose Bay. In 1997, she moved to Gander to work as a reporter and became the Morning Show co-host in 2006. She is still waiting for Carey Price to lead the Habs to their 25th Stanley Cup.


Kelly Bragg
Mobile Reporter

Kelly was born and raised in Corner Brook. After studying Journalism in Stephenville in 1987, she landed a full-time job as a sports reporter with The Western Star daily newspaper. After a two and half year stint there, Kelly moved to Grand Falls-Windsor to work in the news department with The Advertiser newspaper. In 1990, Kelly transferred to Happy Valley-Goose Bay where, after a short time reporting, she was promoted to Editor. In 1994, Kelly transferred once again to Lewisporte where she took over the editor's position at The Pilot. Kelly joined the CBC in 2000 as a temporary casual reporter/editor. She’s been in a full-time position since the Spring of 2006. Kelly lives in Grand Falls-Windsor with her husband Doug and their two children. In her spare time, she enjoys hanging out with the kids, supporting them in their various activities, and going to the cabin.


Dave Zelcer

My first day at the CBC in Toronto was in the summer of 1973. I walked in the National Radio Newsroom and the reporters were all gathered around a TV watching the Watergate hearings. I was 16 and I was hooked. I spent the next few years answering phones and getting coffee for the likes of Mike Duffy, Lloyd Robertson, Knowlton Nash and Norman DePoe. When I graduated from university I went to work for the CBC in Iqaluit for a few months before transferring to Yellowknife. I spent the next three years traveling all over the Arctic for CBC Radio. I got as far North as the Magnetic North Pole. I then left the CBC and returned to work in Toronto for several years. In 1987 I took a job in Nain, Labrador training native journalists. In 1989 I moved to Happy Valley-Goose Bay, Labrador and eventually got the job as the Here and Now reporter. After eight years traveling all over the region I transferred to Gander as the Here and Now reporter. Three years later I went back to work for CBC Radio.


Carolyn Ray

Carolyn Ray was born and raised in Toronto. In an effort to see the entire country, she decided to give up the big city life and moved to Fredericton to attend the University of New Brunswick. She had her first taste of journalism when the school lined her up with an internship CBC Newsworld's Morning Show. After that, she was hooked, and went to Halifax to study journalism.

Carolyn then traded in her shopping malls for a parka when she moved to Yellowknife on a whim. She worked at a private radio station before joining the CBC North team. She spent the next three years trekking around the territories, covering everything from tuberculosis in bison to sovereignty missions in the high arctic. Carolyn recently jumped at the opportunity to defrost and moved to Grand Falls-Windsor. She's delighted to be a part of the Central Morning Show.

Carolyn is a travel fanatic. She spends most of her time off in her car or on airplanes, covering as much of the globe as her wallet will allow.


Gail Collins

Gail grew up in Dover, graduated from Carleton University in Ottawa and lived in St. John's and Toronto before joining the Central Morning Show in Grand Falls-Windsor in 2006. She transferred to Gander in June (and says they're a fine crowd at both locations).

Before joining the Morning Show, Gail worked as a freelance writer and editor. She's written dramatic/comedy scripts for television and radio, and she's directed/produced a documentary film. Gail has been nominated for a Gemini for television writing and her work has been broadcast nationally and internationally.

When she's not researching/writing for the Morning Show (or reporting from the Campellton River in her hipwaders), Gail is working on a screenplay.

6:00 - 9:00 a.m.
on CBC Radio One.
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