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Past Episodes: March 2013 Archives

As we head into Easter weekend, we hear one woman's journey of faith.

It started off as a personal mission to find her faith and it culminated in a fictional book about a conversation with God. Just over two years ago, Darlene Gudrie Butts' world
was crashing in around her and she experienced a crisis in faith. Feeling a need to turn things around, she began a journey to find her faith. That journey
culminated in a book called "The Promise". (runs 9:20)


One Windsor woman has been trying to raise awareness about a deadly game known as the choking game ever since her son died in the same way.

Many people today are talking about the death of an 11 year old girl from Belle River.
Her parents believe she died while playing the choking game.
Local talk shows and media have been covering it all day and much of that talk has to do with raising awareness about the dangers of playing the choking game.
Unfortunately it's a story that's all too familiar to Annette Latouf.
Her 17 year old son died in July of 2011 after playing that deadly game.
Annette has a Facebook Page dedicated to Justin and to raising awareness about the choking game. (runs 6:27)


Four local singer songwriters are in the running to have their song chosen to represent the International Children's Games

The International Children's Games are coming to Windsor this August 14 thru the 19th but before a single game is played there is another competition taking place right now that you can join in on.
It's choosing which song will represent the games - the theme song for the games and after the preliminary rounds there are now just four local singer songwriters competing.
But before the wining song is chosen there is one more stage to get thru. (runs 8:04)