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Nav Sehmbi and Rita Horbatiuk from Atmosphere Fine Foods have come up with a recipe that any man could prepare for Valentines Day.

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Steak with Flambéed Mushroom Sauce, Twice Baked Boursin Potato and Balsamic Glazed Asparagus.

1 pound of top sirloin steak ( preferred 1 inch thickness )
6 cloves of garlic minced fine
½ pound of white or cremini button mushrooms chopped
1 ½ shots of brandy
1 tsp of fresh thyme chopped
I TBSP of parmesan cheese grated
2 lrg baking potatoes (also called Russet or Idaho potatoes)
Boursin Herb and Garlic Fine Cream Cheese
6 to 8 stalks of asparagus
Balsamic vinegar
Oil (olive oil or canola)
Salt and pepper to taste
BBQ lighter

Take two cloves of minced garlic, salt and pepper and just a little oil and rub onto the steak. Put steak back in fridge and let it sit for at least a half hour. Take it out 15 min before cooking time so it comes to room temp.
Take two more cloves of minced garlic, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper, and rub onto asparagus and marinate on a baking sheet. (Note: this can be done hours in advance).
Preheat oven at 375 degrees. Wrap potatoes in foil and put them in the oven for 45 min until soft and cooked. Remove foil and let cool for about 5 min. Using a knife, slice off the top of the potato exposing the inner flesh (cut about a quarter inch off the top) . Now with a spoon, scoop out the flesh leaving only the shell. Put the flesh in a bowl and add the Boursin cheese mixing it well, taste for salt and pepper. Now take the shells and rub them with oil on the outside skins. Put the flesh back in and set them on the same baking sheet as asparagus. (M ake sure asparagus is not touching the potatoes).
Throw potatoes and asparagus in the oven for a half hour. At the same time take your steak out of fridge and let sit for 15 min. Turn stove top to med high heat and in an oven proof pan, add a little oil and add the steak (pan must be hot). Do not move the steak around and let it sear for about 4 min then turn it around and do the same. You will know that the steak is ready to turn when it releases from the pan with ease. When both sides have been seared take baking sheet out of the oven and throw the pan in the oven for about 4 min until about med rare, depending on how well you want it done.
At this point your potatoes and asparagus are done, just let them rest. After 4 min in the oven, using a towel or oven mitt, take the pan out of the oven. Take the steak out of the pan, put on a cutting board, tent with foil and let it sit for five min. During that time put the pan back on the stovetop at med high heat, add a little oil and place mushrooms in. Sautee them until they are lightly brown, then add the thyme, garlic, salt and pepper. Sautee for another min and then add the brandy. Light the brandy with a lighter. Wait until the flame dies out (about 1 min), and then finish with the cream. When the cream comes to a boil, turn off stove and add the parmesan.
To serve, slice the steak against the grain into nice strips. Fan them out on both plates, pour desired amount of mushroom sauce over the steak and serve with the potato and asparagus.
Note: flambee is a show stopper so you might want to do that infront of your loved one to impress her. And this dinner can be paired with a full bodied red wine.

Rice Paper Crisp with a Vanilla Twist

2-4 Rice paper wraps
Canola oil for frying
1-2 tsp. Cinnamon
¼ cup white Sugar
2-4 scoops Vanilla ice cream
Fresh Rasberries (optional)
Chocolate Ganache (substitute with chocolate syrup)

Add cinnamon and sugar in a bowl and mix well. Set aside.
Add canola oil in a shallow frying pan. Heat on medium high. Place rice paper wrap, one at a time, into the hot oil and fry until the rice paper puffs up. This should take approximately 10 seconds for each wrap. Remove with tongs and let drain on a paper towel. Immediately sprinkle cinnamon sugar mix on both side of each wrap to coat. Repeat the process until the desired amount of wraps are used. Place each wrap on a plate and add a scoop of ice cream to the middle of each fried wrap. Sprinkle fresh raspberries around the ice cream. Drizzle with chocolate syrup or ganache.

Written and prepared by: Atmosphere Fine Foods