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Past Episodes: February 2013 Archives

Tracey Rogers gives inspiriation by telling her story.

She spent years addicted to drugs and alcohol. But she turned her life around and has been sober for two years now. Her story of overcoming adversity is truly inspiring. No longer addicted to drugs and alcohol, Tracey now runs her own business in Windsor. (RUNS: 11:09)


Canadian John Sheardown mentioned during Argo's Oscar win.

Robin Sheardown tells The Bridge that he is glad to hear that Hollywood hit, Argo recognized John Sheardown's heroic acts during the Iran Hostage crisis. (RUNS 3:41)


Solo Artist Sarah Smith performs at the Phog Lounge tomorrow night.

Sarah Smith gained recognition with her rock band "The Joys"...but for the past year
she's been performing as a solo artist.Sarah Smith brings her music to the Phog
Lounge tomorrow night....but first she joins me in the studio. (Runs 8:39)