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Past Episodes: January 2013 Archives

The final candidate for the position of musical director with the Windsor Symphony leads the orchestra tomorrow in two concerts.

Each of the 8 - now 7 candidates for the position of musical director of the Windsor Symphony Orchestra.Robert Franz is the guest conductor and the final candidate for Musical Director.
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A feature interview with Clairol the Clown on her silver anniversary.

This year Clairol The Clown is celebrating her 25th. anniversary of clowning.
She's got a big party planned for this weekend...eveyone is invited to join Clairol at the " arena for a free skate.
Tthis afternoon I've invited Carol Crooks into the studio to talk about her creation Clairol The Clown.
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Dealing with your Christmas debt. We talk with the author of "Lessons from the Depression"

Christmas is long gone. And by now, you've likely received most, if not all, of your post Christmas bills.And if you went a little overboard and are wondering how you're going to pay all those bills,Darlene Gudrie Butts is here to help. Darlene is a former financial analyst and the author of the book "Lessons from the Depression".
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