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Two new murals paying tribute to the War of 1812 are going up in Sandwich Town.

When planning events to mark the 200th. anniversary of the War of 1812 the City of Windsor put out a call
to mural artists for submissions.
The murals were to represent the 200 years of friendship between the U.S. and Canada.
From all the submissions two projects were chosen.
One is from Justin Langlois and the other is from Lorraine Steele and Phil McLeod.
They will soon begin work on their murals
Justin couldn't make it in this afternoon - his work will be installed on the windmill at the corner of Russell and Mill Street.
It features a phrase - in cursive writing - that will be illuminated by LED Neon flex lighting -the phrase spells out - All we are is all we were.
But Lorraine Steele and Phil McLeod join me in the studio this afternoon.

Listen audio (runs 10:47)