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Windsor poet Mary Ann Mulhern is reading from her latest collection of poems, Brides in Black.

Mary Ann Mulhern is no stranger to the Catholic Church.
In fact she was a nun for eight years before giving up the habit so to speak.
Now she writes about her experiences. In her previous collection The Red Dress, Mary Ann Mulhern examined her own experience with the church.
In her latest collection Brides in Black she interviewed former nuns and some who are still serving. Tomorrow night at the Phog Lounge in Windsor, Mary Ann will be reading from Brides in Black.
And joining her will be Paul Vasey reading from his latest novel A Troublesome Boy...about a young boy left in the care of Catholic Priests and a boarding school.
Mary Ann Mulhern joins me now in studio to talk about her new book, " Brides in Black".
Listen audio (runs 10:49)