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The war if 1812 is on full artistic display at the Gibson Gallery in Amherstburg.

A collection of art by local painter Peter Rindlisbacher is on now at the Gibson Gallery in Amherstburg just in time for the war of 1812 celebrations.
For years he has been painting historical scenes of maritime warfare during the 1812 era....doing it in Amherstburg, where he has lived for many years and which is the location of many events related to the war of 1812 .
His works have appeared on magazine covers, in historical publications as well as on television's the History Channel and National Geographic.
The exhibit at the Gibson Gallery is titled, "Fighting Sail on the Great Lakes: 1812 Era Paintings"
I dropped by the Gibson Gallery earlier today to speak with Peter Rindlisbacher and began by suggesting that this exhibit was perfect for him considering his love of marine art and history....
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