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It's a program that gives underprivileged kids an opportunity to play hockey every weekend. And it's founder...Knobby Knudsen... was honoured for that and his many other contributions to youth hockey with the Mark Messier Leadership Award.

He was known as Knobby to kids in Windsor. And he was responsible for starting a hockey program for under-priviledged kids. Knobby Knudsen died this past November....but yesterday his accomplishments were recognized with the Bridgestone Mark Messier Leadership Award. The award honours people who've made a
significant contribution to youth hockey. And according the Knobby's son Robert,
no one was more deserving than his dad. Robert, his son Zackary and Marty Kerester
of Knobby's kids were flown to Los Angeles this week to accept the award and to catch Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Robert spoke with the CBC's Denise Kristof
about the experience. He started off by talking about their day yesterday which started off with a private luncheon with Mark Messier.
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