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An evening of poetry and fiction at the Phog Lounge tonight, I'll talk with author Mike Barnes.

Anyone who's read the original Grimm Brothers fairy tales knows that they were a lot darker than the versions we see today. Hollywood, or perhaps our culture at large, has sanitzed those early tales - taking out the truly horrifying and smoothing over the more difficult questions raised in those orginal tales. But tonight, at the Phog Lounge in Windsor, author Mike Barnes will be reading from his latest novel The Reasonable Ogre...a collection of twelve original adult fairy tales that returns the form to it's orginal intent, which was to instruct and to entertain but also to trouble the reader with the larger questions of existance.
Tonight's event also features Poet Amanda Jernigan and novelist Claire Tacon.
This afternoon, Mike Barnes joins me in the studio.

Listen audio (runs 11:05)