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Guitarist Rik Emmitt brings his expertise as a guitarist and as a songwriter to students at St. Clair College in Chatham this weekend.

Fans of Canadian rock and roll know who Rik Emmitt is...he led one of Canada's most successful trios Triumph to great success in Canada and the U.S. After leaving Triumph in 1988 Rik had the opportunity to show he had a little more in his guitar arsenal than three chord rock and roll. He released several albums that explored classical, jazz, blues, fusion and flamenco. In fact he got a jazz guitarist award in 2005 from the Canadian Smooth Jazz Awards. And he's no slouch at songwriting either, having penned some of Triumph's biggest hits and several others during his solo career.
This Saturday Rik Emmett is sharing his musical expertise with aspiring guitarists and songwriters in Chatham at the St. Clair College Campus there and following the day long workshops he'll be performing an acoustic set at the Capitol Theatre in Chatham Saturday night at 8.
Listen audio (runs 9:57)