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An exhibiton of weavings is on now at the Raw Meet gallery....I'll talk to the organizer of Sunrise Twills With titles by world reknowed textile artist Ted Hallman.

There's a new exhibit at the Raw Meet gallery in Windsor. Sunrise Twills with Titles is a series of weavings by textile artist Ted Hallman.The works were inspired by music...specifically the Starscape Singers and the titles were given to the pieces by Kenneth G. Mills. This exhibtion initially opened at the Royal Ontario Museum and has since travelled across Canada and the U.S. Later this month, Ted Hallman will be in Windsor to talk about the works...that's happening at the Assumption chapel but right now the wortks are on display at the Raw Meet Gallery for the next two weeks.
I dropped by the opening last week and spoke with David Nash...the organizer of the exhibit. I began by asking him what makes Ted Hallmans' weavings so unique.
Listen audio (runs 6:15)