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The history of one of the most renowend musical venues in North America has now been captured in a new documentary.

Ask anyone of a certain age about the Grande Ballroom in Detroit and you'll get nods of recognition...oh yeah They'll say, that was the coolest place back in the late sixties...the coolest place to see the best rock and roll bands of the day.
The Grande hosted Led Zepplin, Cream, Janis Joplin, The Who and just about every other major rock act.
And it's reputation grew, not only among the fans but among the groups became the place to play if you were touring anywhere near Detroit.
Now, the history of the Grande Ballroom has been captured on film in a new documentary called, Louder Than Love - The Grande Ballroom Story.
Tony Dannunzio is the man behind that documentary and he joins me on the line from Detroit this afternoon.
Listen audio (runs 9:04)