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War of 1812 Treasure Hunt.

Two local artists have come up with a neat way to celebrate the War of 1812 and, at the same time win $10,000.
Dennis White and Stephen Gibb's idea is called, "In Pursuit of the Golden Key.
That Golden Key will lead one lucky hunter to a ten thousand dollar prize.
There is a book authored by the artists as well as paintings hung in the Gibson Gallery in Amherstburg that provide the clues to the treasure.
The exhibition of their paintings opens tomorrow and the treasure hunt will go on until someone finds it...a similar hunt held in Britain years ago took about three years to solve.
Earlier today, I dropped by the Gibson Gallery to talk with artist Dennis White and began by asking him how he came up with the idea of a treasre hunt based on the War of 1812.
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Our Theatre Reviewer Mark Lefebvre will be by with his review of the Phantom Of The Opera by the Walkerville Centre for Creative Arts.

It's probably the most ambitious undertaking for any theatre group, let alone a high school theatre class.But students at the Walkerville Centre for the Creative Arts are known for taking on difficult productions...both content wise and technically.
This time around it's Phantom Of the Opera.Not only is it one of the most challenging works vocally it also demands a falling chandelier, a gondola that sails thru the sewers and an opulent masquerade ball.Last weekend was the first of a two week run at the Capitol theatre.All those shows were sold out.This weekend the demand is so high that an extra show has been added to the schedule on Saturday afternoon.During the day the company is also performing for local students.Our theatre reviewer Mark Lefebvre took in one of the student fact he's just returned from this morning's show, and Mark joins me now with his thoughts on "Phantom Of the Opera".
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I'll chat with Jaclyn Miles. She was crowned Miss Canada last month and she's using that role to speak out against abuse.

When it comes to relationships, Jaclyn Miles has one message. ....Don't stay
in an abusive relationship Jaclyn Miles knows of what she speaks. She was involved in an abusive relationship a few years ago. And she believes her story of surviving and moving on from that relationship helped her win the national title of Miss Canada
last month. Jaclyn Miles is using her role as Miss Canada to talk to students about abusive relationships. She did that today when she spoke with students at Herman Secondary and General Amherst High School. Jaclyn Miles is from Amherstburg. She joins me in the studio.
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