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There's a new CBC Television show about to air that gives a second chance in business to ex convicts.

CBC Television premieres a new reality show tonight. It's called "Redemption Inc and it's all about giving ex cons a second chance.Multi Millionaire Kevin O'Leary is the host of the program tonight on CBC Television that's aimed at giving ex cons a second chance.
Over the course of the show, the ex cons will be competing for a chance to win a start up investment of 100,000 dollars from Kevin O'Leary to set up their own legitimate business.
My next guest knows all too well the challenges ex-cons face when it comes to getting a job. Skip Graham is the Executive Director of St. Leonard's Halfway House. It's an organization that helps ex-cons transition into society after they complete their prison sentence. Skip Graham joins me on the line.
Listen audio (runs 7:34)