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How a video about bullying compelled a 17 year old teenager from Amherstburg to reach out with a video of his own.

Last Sunday started off as a regular day. But by the end of the night,17 year old Jordan Monforton had reached out to a boy who was being bullied by posting a video of support on You Tube. He was responding to a video posted by Jonah Mowry 4 months ago about the bullying he'd endured since grade 1. Through the use of cue cards, Jonah talked about his experience and said he was scared to start grade 8 because all but one of his
friends had moved on to high school.That video touched Jordan Monforton when he saw it 4 days ago. So he posted a video on You Tube called "My Response to Jonah". Jordan and his mom Michelle are from Amherstburg. You can see both videos by going to our website at
Listen audio (runs 10:13)