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Windsor artist Stephen Mueller has a new exhibit at the Art Gallery of Windsor.

If you happen to venture into the Arty Gallery of Windsor over the next two weeks you'll find an exhibit by Windosr artist Stephen Mueller.He spent his youth in Windsor...went to John Campbell and then Massey High School.He did his undergrad work at the University of Windsor and then off to Calgary to complete his Masters. His latest work is titled Please Don't Go.It features a plexiglass box big enough for Stephen to sit in.A spool of ticker tape with brail markings is fed thru the box.Inside. Stephen takes the tape and cuts out the tiny brail markings and then places them in a jar.The tape then is fed back out the other end of the box.Throughout it all Stephen stays in that box...sometimes up to six hours at a time while vistors stop to consider the work.He says it deals with memory and loss.I visited the Gallery yesterday while Stephen was setting up the exhibit.And he began by describing his work.
Listen audio (runs 7:38)