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Past Episodes: November 2011 Archives

Here's something the arts community will like a lot....the naming of the city's poet laureate.

We've never had one before but we've got one now....a Poet Laureate to represent the city of Windsor.And the person tapped to fill that role is Marty Gervais.He's certainly no stranger to the literary arts in Windsor as the author of several books himself and as the publisher of Black Moss Press.Marty Gervais joins me in the studio.
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Should Hospital Parking Fees be Abolished?

Canada's top medical journal says hospital parking fees should be abolished because they're a barrier to health care. Coming up, we'll hear what you have to say about that
and we'll check in with the president and ceo of Windsor Regional Hospital.

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World renowed Windsor pianist Daniel Wnukowski and his wife Marta Potulska come home for a recital tomorrow night at MacKenzie Hall.

My next guest was three when he saw a transparent piano in a music store in Toronto.
That event led to a life long fascination with the piano and more specifically the music of Chopin. Daniel Wnukowski - after his introductory piano lessons in Windsor - went on to study at the Fredrick Chopin Academy of Music in Warsaw.
Over his career he has won numerous awards and has performed around the world.
And along the way he met his wife...violist Marta Potulska.Both are featured in a recital tomorrow night at MacKenzie Hall in Windsor.
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