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Win a gourmet dinner!

There's nothing better than having a home cooked meal especially when you don't have to cook it yourself.But imagine how great it would be to have someone cook a gourmet meal for you and 5 of your friends....right in your own home. That's the idea behind a contest we're launching today on the Bridge. Over the next three weeks, we're giving you a chance to win a gourmet meal for a party of six...prepared in your own home on Saturday, November 5th ........ .compliments of the Bridge and Windsor catering company "Atmosphere Fine Foods". Nav Sehmbi and Rita Horbatiuk are the people
behind "Atmosphere Fine Foods". Over the next three weeks, they'll be joining us to reveal one segment of the gourmet meal you could win. And over those three weeks,
you can enter our contest for a chance to win this gourmet meal for you and 5 of your friends. Here's my talk with Nav and Rita about the dinner.
Listen audio (runs 9:53)