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Past Episodes: August 2011 Archives

A feature interview with Gino Vannelli

Wild horses could not keep Gino Vannelli fans from Caesars Windsor this Saturday night.
And perhaps not just because of his music, although with a string of hits under his belt I'm sure that's the main draw.But it might also be because they've read his book, Stardust in the Sand and can't wait to hear some of those stories told in the authors own voice.This afternoon Gino Vannelli joins me on the line from his home in Oregon.
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The new school year is fast approaching, and with that comes great anxiety for many students

Less than a week to go until school halls are abuzz with squeaky sneakers and high-pitched chatter.And, though noise levels will be right up there in the red, anxiety levels can be even higher.School is often an acute source of stress for many young people.
And that can cause behaviour that is often misinterpreted by teachers and parents.
Alan Goyette was a social worker with the Greater Essex County District School Board for many years. He's now Executive Director of Glengarda Child and Family Services.
Earlier today, he gave a talk to public board teachers called Scared Silly: Recognizing School-Based Anxiety Issues.
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We'll hear about a guitar that links Canada because of how it's made.

It draws a crowd wherever it goes. It debuted on Parliament Hill 5 years ago on Canada Day. And the people who play it can't stop talking about it. I'm talking about a guitar. But this isn't just any guitar. It's the brain child of Jowi Taylor. He's in Windsor tonight to share his story of Six String Nation at Caesar's Windsor.
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