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A new play by Windsor playwrite Joey Ouellette documents the life of female riveters during the second world war.

Most of us are familiar with Rosie The Riveter...a name given to represent women who went to work in the factories during World War Two while the men were off fighting that war.Of course, it was a groundbreaking time for women who learned they could do any job men could do.They also liked making their own money and the independance that brought.But Rosie represented the american women who worked in american plants.
Here in Canada they were called Ruth the Riveter.Now, local playwrite Joey Ouellette has created Riveter, a play that looks at the social constructs that women were under at that time as well as how they were used as propaganda during that time.Riviter is being staged by Windsor Feminist Theatre at the Dowtown Mission Theater on Victoria avenue.
Performances are this Friday at 8 p.m. and Saturday at 2.I met with Joey Ouellette earlier today at a rehearsal.
Listen audio (runs 7:07)