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We check in with Mt. Everest adventurer...Heather Geluk . She's now at the Base camp and the weather isn't good.

Over the past few weeks, we've been checking in with Heather Geluk. Heather is making her second attempt at climbing Mount Everest...and as she tackles the two month climb, she's sharing her journey with us and with students at Ridgetown High School ....her old alma mater. Up until now, Heather has been preparing for the Everest climb. But now reality has set in. Earlier this week they arrived at the Base Camp on the North side of Mount Everest. And while people are complaining about the weather here it's nothing compared to what Heather is currently experiencing. I managed to talk with Heather earlier today....I started off by asking her what conditiions were like.
Listen audio (runs 8:49)