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A musical mystery was solved last week and the solution came with a big bonus...we'll hear how two fellows from Michigan tracked down the title of an old song and how they got more than they asked for.

On Friday's program we talked with Matthew Lazin - Ryder, a producer at CBC Vancouver.
He got a call from a couple of fellows in Michigan who were trying to track down the title of a song that they had heard some twenty years ago on the CBC Radio 2 program Nightlines.
Seems that song meant a lot to Nick Marco and Ryan Cossin.
To this day they still consider it to be one of their favourite songs but they didn't know the title and they didn't know who the artist was and that's why they contacted Matthew in Vancouver..hoping he could help.Well, Matthew did find out the song was called Language of Men by a Montreal group called the Asexuals.Not only did Matthew find that out but he also found out that the band was doing a reunion show in Toronto on Saturday night.So he called up Nick Marco and Ryan Cossin to let them know....and guess who wound up on the bands guest list?Nick Marco joins me on the line from his home in Dearborn to tell us the rest of the story.
Listen audio (runs 6:40)