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Past Episodes: March 2011 Archives

The University of Windsor's Writer in Residence has a new book titled Kalila.

For something as inevitable as death, you'd think we'd have a better handle on how to die and a better understanding of what death means to life.But we fear death and often have difficulty processing the death or severe illness of others.That difficulty is at the heart of the debut novel by the University of Windsor's Writer in Residence Rosemary Nixon.
It's titled Kalila.The official launch is next Wednesday in the Katzman Lounge at the University.
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We'll hear about an effort today by the group Save Our Symphony.

Musicians with the Detroit Symphony Orchestra have been on strike since October. Last month, the musicians made an offer to management to return to work and resolve the strike through binding arbitration. But that was rejected, and talks have yet to occur between both sides. Well today, a group called Save Our Symphony tried to make an impact.They lined up outside Orchestra Hall to greet DSO board members as they arrived for a meeting. David Assemany was there. He's one of the organizers of the group "Save our Symphony"and his partner is one of the DSO musicians.
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I'll be talking with flamenca guitarist Jesse Cook.

Let's see if we can jog your memory with this piece of music.That theme began the old Crosstown show with Barbara Peacock right here on CBC in Windsor.The fellow performing that piece of music is Jesse Cook.He's got a show coming up tomorrow night at the Royal Oak music theatre in Detroit.Jesse joins me from our Toronto studio's.
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