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James Boraski retired form one career to start another as a blues musician

Marine Biologist, James Boraski retired from fish biology to blues music.

(runs: 10:06)

Feature Interview: Patrick Ballantyne

Singer, songwriter, lawyer Patrick Ballantyne talks to The Bridge about his new CD: Days of Rain. (runs: 14:43)

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Allergy season is here and your pets could have allergies too

Dr. Janice Huntingford explains what to look for if your pet has environmental allergies. (runs: 6:04)

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Local Musician becomes Freddy Mercury

Windsor musician Rick Rock hones his skills to become Freddy Mercury in the Queen tribute act Simply Queen. They perform in Windsor Friday in support of Autism. (runs: 14:03)

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The Bridge Book Panel - All My Puny Sorrows

Our Book Panel reviews All My Puny Sorrows by Miriam Toews. (runs 14:31)

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Opera Luminati brings a modern twist to Opera like never before

Opera like never before. Opera Luminati puts a modern twist on Opera classics. Ray Brazeau and his wife Shoshana Friedman explain. (runs 11:43)

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2014 Science fair winner uses 3-D printing to help amputees

16 years old, Daniel McInnnis won the 2014 Canada wide science fair with his innovation in 3-D printing systems for human limbs and organs. (runs: 8:58)

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The Bridge from CBC Windsor Feature Story: May 2nd

Kinsgville's first ever Folk music festival is happening this August. Michele Law is a producer and founder of the festival, she explains how it came together. (runs: 5:07)

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The Bridge from CBC Windsor Feature Story: April 24th.

Even swans were affected by this cold winter. We hear how a group of swans was rescued form ice and released into the wild. Nancy Phillips explains the process. (runs 8:50)

Special Santa visit for children with autism.

Windsor chapter of Autism Ontario plans a special, calmer visit to Santa's village for children with autism. (runs: 4:44)

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Do you have too much clutter? The Bridge can help with a professional organizer.

There are only a few days left to enter our declutter contest. One lucky winner will receive 8 hours of professional organizing services form Cassandra Arssen of Clutterbug professional organizing services. (runs: 8:35)

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What should we do with the Windsor waterfront?

CBC Windsor is holding a town hall meeting tonight so residents can discuss what to do with the Windsor waterfront. The Bridge spoke to Dara O'Byrne about the waterfront. She's an Urban planner in Detroit and she'll be a panelist at the town hall tonight. (runs: 8:40)

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Two local youth are vying for their chance at super stardom!

Kat Summers and Dante Scott are both from Essex county and they've both beat incredible odds to make it to the final 6 in a national talent competition. The finally is coming up. We asked them how they're feeling about the big day. (runs: 8:05)

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Part 3 of our cross border health series: A local couple tells their story.

Glen and Sue Baccaro were not expecting to have an accident in the US. They certainly did not expect extremely high medical costs. They tell their story as a cautionary tale to make people aware of the importance of cross border health insurance. (runs: 6:35)

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Today, the second installment of our series on your health across the border.

In part two of this series, you'll hear form Chief of Staff and Emergency room Dr. Gord Vail. He explains the importance of additional insurance. Without it, you could be leaving behind your health care when you cross the border. (runs 5:42)

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Important information on insurance for your next border crossing.

Does you health insurance cover you in case of accident or injury in the US? Robert Keats, author of The Border Guide explains how to avoid outrageous hospital bills by having the right insurance coverage. (runs 13:47)

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Riverside Drive, a crime novel

Michael Januska, a former Windsorite talks to The Bridge about his new novel: Riverside Drive. The novel explores Windsor's role in prohibition, gambling, crime and more. (runs: 11:45)


Peter Frampton talks to The Bridge about his 14th studio album and what it means to stay current in the music industry.

Fame came to Peter Frampton in 1976. Peter explains how important it is to stay current instead of living off of his hits. He explains how this new tour pushes the boundaries of music and entertainment. (runs 13:19)


The Bridge speaks with the team behind the Windsor-Detroit Oral History Music Project.

Windsor and Detroit are rich with musical culture. Scotty Hughes and Christian Bonk are co-writing the Windsor-Detroit Oral History Music Project. They're asking for your musical stories to tell our musical history. (runs 10:27)


Stephen Fearing talks to The Bridge about his first studio album in over 6 years.

Stephen Fearing's new album is called Between Hurricanes. This is his 9th solo album. Stephen explains how important it is for today's musicians to be diverse. (runs 9:31)


New smart phones can take your credit info. Michael Legary explains how it works and how to guard your information.

Smart phones can read payment info form your credit or debit cards. That means criminals can steal your information and make a purchase. Michael Legary, founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Seccuris Inc. tells us how to protect our information. (runs 11:59)


Carly Butler shares her amazing journey with The Bridge.

Carly Butler is retracing her grandmother's footsteps from England to Canada. She spoke to The Bridge to share the details of this transnational trek. (runs 9:58)


Windsor bands are are reaching for success, and getting it.

Tom Lucier of Phog lounge speaks to the recent success stories of four Windsor bands. The Windsor music scene is always strong. Now, the rest of the world is paying attention to our local talent. (runs 11:59)


Windsor family concerned for their loved ones in the wake of the Boston bombing.

The tragedy in Boston hits closer to home for one Windsor family. CBC reporter Allison Johnson spoke with the Favot's about their worries of having two daughters living close to where the search happened. (runs 5:18)


Saxophonist Marc Funkenhauser performs with the Windsor Symphony Orchestra this weekend.

He's a graduate of the University of Windsor who has gone on to study at the European University of the Saxophone in France.
Marc currently teaches saxophone and clarinet at St. Michael's college in Toronto.
and this weekend's concerts mark the first time Marc has appeared as a soloist with the Orchestra. (RUNS: 8:48)


Tracey Rogers gives inspiriation by telling her story.

She spent years addicted to drugs and alcohol. But she turned her life around and has been sober for two years now. Her story of overcoming adversity is truly inspiring. No longer addicted to drugs and alcohol, Tracey now runs her own business in Windsor. (RUNS: 11:09)


Canadian John Sheardown mentioned during Argo's Oscar win.

Robin Sheardown tells The Bridge that he is glad to hear that Hollywood hit, Argo recognized John Sheardown's heroic acts during the Iran Hostage crisis. (RUNS 3:41)


Music Writing tips to help make your song a hit.

There's been allot of entries to CBC Music's Searchlight contest. Today we hear what writing techniques can help turn a song into a hit. (runs 8:20)


Protecting your online identity

If you think you've deleted an online profile, think again. We hear how your profile stays on the internet long after you have deleted it. (runs 13:27)


Travel tips for Florida drivers.

Al Valente of Vealente travel tell motorists what they need to know before driving in Florida.

Listen audio (runs 4:08)

Valentine's Day winners

Sandra and Jim MacDonald are the winners of our Valentine's music contest. They've been marrried fprt over 40 years and keep things fresh with a new song once in a while.
Listen audio (runs 2:40)