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A county councillor is calling for a ban on exotic animals.

There have been multiple cougar sightings in and around Windsor this summer.
And earlier this week, a young coyote was found in the
foyer of a downtown restaurant.
All this wildlife has one Essex county councillor thinking it's high time to ban people from owning exotic animals. Sherry Bondy is a councillor in Ward 4 in Essex.
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A Windsor composer has written a piece about General Brock and the War of 1812.

This weekend the Windsor Symphony Orchestra performs the world premiere of a brand new work titled "General Brock in Detroit."
Brent Lee is the composer and he came into the studio to speak with host Bob Steele about his latest work.
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Windsor's basketball team is in search of a floor to play on.

Windsor's newest pro basketball team, The Windsor Express, is missing a big part of what they need to play their games. They're asking for a new wood floor to purchased at the WFCU Centre. The team is asking city council to come up with the money to buy the floor. CBC Windsor's Arda Zakarian has been CBC's point guard for this story and she joined host Bob Steele to talk about the hard facts about the hardwood.
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A lone coyote found himself trapped in downtown Windsor.

Staff at one downtown Windsor restaurant were very surprised to find an unexpected guest on the porch of their establishment. A young coyote was cowering and afraid when police finally captured it. The coyote was brought to Wings Rehabilitation and is just fine. Windsor naturalist Paul Pratt says there is plenty of wildlife living in Windsor's downtown core these days. He joins host Bob Steele to talk coyotes, groundhogs... and cougars?
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The raid on Dieppe might have been a cover for a top secret operation.

History has not been kind to the Raid on Dieppe France.
Many historians say it was poorly planned and an unecessary loss of thousands of lives.
But new research shows that there might have been another reason for that raid...a raid that included members of Windsor's Essex and Kent Kent Scottish Regiment.
Wayne Abbott is the producer of the documentary Dieppe Uncovered.
It aired Sunday night on History Television.
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Tony Orlando comes to Caesars Windsor for a show.

You know his songs....big hits from the 70's that brought Tony Orlando lasting fame.
Tie a Yellow Ribbon, Candida, Knock Three Times - to name the big ones.
He had a television show, sell out tours and millions of records sold.
Now Tony Orlando comes to Caesars Windsor for a show. Bridge Host Bob Steele and Tony talk about the past, and the future, in this interview.
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It's practically every illustrators illustrate Batman for DC comics. For a Harrow artist that dream has come true.

A passion for art has certainly paid off for Jason Fabok.
He's an illustrator from Harrow who's talent has taken him to the very top of the comic book heap. Jason is an illustrator for DC Comics and his drawings fill the pages of the Batman Annual edition as well as the cover art.
He swooped into the studio for an interview with host Bob Steele.
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How does a Windsor company make money by developing free online games?

We all know the old adage when it comes to gambling - The House Always Wins. But how does an online video game company make money on a "virtual" slot's not real money.
And why would such a business be eager to expand?
To answer those questions... Bob Steele spoke with Jacob Duhaime. He's the CEO and founder of a Windsor company called iDream Interactive.
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Three drummers, one great song. Host Bob Steels speaks with a music professor about the beats behind "Love Me Do."

It was fifty years ago this month that the Beatles released their very first single.
Bob Steele speaks with music Professor Gordon Thompson about the three drummers who tried to lay down the beat for "Love Me Do." Only one drummer made the cut. We find out why.
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Guitar alert! Host Bob Steele speaks with three finger style guitarists.

Bob Steele speaks with three unique guitar artists.
What separates these guitarists from most others is the style of their playing.
They are finger style players, creating sounds that one might find hard to believe are coming from one guitarist.
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Premier Dalton McGuinty visits a local school while a teacher strike looms.

Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty visited David Suzuki Elementary school.
But outside the school teachers were seeing red over the provincial freeze on teacher salaries.
The province also wants to end the practice of banking sick days.
Scott Hunt is the President of the Occasional Teachers unit of the Ontario Secondary School Teachers Federation.
He was among the teachers protesting McGuinty's visit.
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It's a recipe for fun - or disaster. Ride around Windsor on bicyles, stopping along the way to refresh your spirits with beer.

If you're out in Windsor on Saturday you might see a large group of cyclists weaving a merry path across the city.
Most likely that group of cyclists will be taking part in a Windsor Eats event - The Bikes and Beers Tour.
To tell us more host Bob Steele was joined by Adriano Ciotoli. He's with Windsor Eats and he'll be leading the tour.
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Book panel review "The Red Breast".

The Bridge's book panel investigates Jo Nesbo's latest crime novel The Red Breast.
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1812 Food

Amherstburg's Roots to Boots Festival will commemorate the war of 1812 with re-enactments, musical guests and a play. Organizers have also created a period Tavern on the River. Micheal Jimmerman is a local chef who's organizing a very special menu for the festival.
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Delivering babies may change at Windsor Regional.

The head of Windsor Regional Hospital is concerned there could be a change to it's neo-natal status.
David Musyj says the province is considering a change to the level of care it's able to provide.
David Musyj is the president and CEO of Windsor Regional Hospital. He speaks with guest host Sara Elliott.
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Tracking sharks in the Sudan. Guest host Sara Elliott chats with a marine biologist from the University of Windsor.

There aren't many people that
would willingly put themselves within close range of
sharks....let alone try to catch them.
But that's exactly what Nigel Hussey does.
Nigel Hussey is a marine biologist at the University
of Windsor. And he's been studying sharks for
a number of years. This fall he's heading back
to the Red Sea off the coast of Sudan to do
more research.
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Guest host Sara Elliott checks out some 1812 art.

There are many tributes to the Bicentennial of the War of 1812 - taking place here in Southwestern Ontario.
And local artists are a big part of the 200th anniversary.
Twenty two painters from the Association of Representational Artists created pieces honouring the war of 1812.
That exhibit opened today at the Gibson Gallery in Amherstburg.
Guest host Sara Elliott dropped by, watched some of the painters hang their work, and spoke with one of the artists about the show.
They chatted in the garden and then took a quick tour of the Gallery.
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Some residents in Belle River want trains to sound off their horns less when they pass by.

It's a sound residents in one Belle River neighbourhood hear every day. And it's a sound
they want to hear less of. They've started a campaign to reduce the noise of trains passing through their neighbourhood.
CBC Reporter Cara Campbell has been following this story.
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