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Missing Pink Safe in Sarnia

Sarnia police are asking for your help in locating a safe stolen yesterday from a Sarnia home. I chatted with the owner of that safe. (8:09)

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Drones take Filmmaking to new Heights

We heard from a Windsor filmmaker and business owner who has discovered the value of drones for his business (8:08)

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Women on Currency

Look in your wallet. The only women on Canadian bills are the Queen of England and an unnamed scientist. A petition to get notable Canuck heroines on our bank notes has gotten nearly 50,000 signatures. Coming up, we'll speak to the woman behind the campaign. (7:50)

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Transgender Awareness at St. Clair College

The newly formed Gay-Straight alliance at St. Clair College in Windsor is holding a special event next week in conjunction with Transgender awareness week. Coming up we'll hear from one of the clubs founding members. (4:54)

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Windsor Filmmaker Kyle Mosanyi

A Windsor filmmaker is screening his newest flick at the Windsor International Film Festival.
I'll talk with Kyle Mosanyi about his latest project "Beyond The Deep".

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Portrait Artist Melanie Janisse

We'll hear the story of a Windsor artist who's paying off her student debt one face at a time. (6:29)

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London Mayor Elect - Matt Brown

A new municipal landscape in London today, almost a complete turnover on city council. I'll talk to London's Mayor elect Matt Brown. (7:05)

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Feature Interview - Author Richard Scarsbrook

Author Richard Scarsbrook is in town for Book Fest to talk about
one of his three latest books "The Indifference League". (7:57)

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Teen Mental Health

We'll meet a young woman who's using her own battle with mental illness to help other teenagers. (9:45)

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Feature Interview - Randa Markos

Have you ever heard the expression fight like a girl? Well for one Windsor woman fighting like a girl has earned her a spot on a popular American TV Show called the "Ultimate Fighter". Her name is Randa Markos and she's my guest. (9:01)

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Ghost Stories - Sarnia Lampton

We continue our trek across Southwestern Ontario in search of ghost stories. Today
we hear about the ghosts of Sarnia and Lampton County with a local film maker.

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Ghost Stories - Windsor and Essex County

We continue our trek across Southwestern Ontario in search of ghost stories. Today
we hear about the ghosts of Windsor and Essex County from Mackenzie Hall to Texas Road. (10:32)

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Ghost Stories - London's Aeolian Hall

We continue our trek across Southwestern Ontario in search of ghost stories. Today we hear about the ghosts at London's Aeolian Hall (9:33)

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Ghost Stories - Chatham Kent

With Halloween just a few weeks away, ghost stories abound at this time of year. Coming up in the last half hour of the show, we hear about some ghosts in Chatham-Kent. (8:37)

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Shooting Victim - Devonte Pierce

It all happened so fast, Devonte Pierce wasn't sure exactly what had happened. Until he felt the pain. Pierce is the bouncer who was shot at closing time at the Boom Boom Room in Windsor 10 days ago. This afternoon, we'll check on his recovery. (8:20)

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Feature Interview - Chris Hadfield

He's traveled around the world in 92 minutes - according to his new book. And he's touching down in Windsor next week. Chris Hadfield is preparing to perform with the Windsor Symphony Orchestra. (11:35)

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The Road to Buying a Car in Ontario

We'll hear about a new online tool launched today to help you protect yourself when buying a vehicle. (9:03)

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Feature Interview - Howie Mandell

An interview with funny man Howie Mandell who is appearing at Caesars Windsor this Saturday. (8:06)

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Western Fair - Preview

There are all sorts of agricultural fairs happening across Southwestern Ontario at this time of year. But one of the largest ones is taking place
this weekend in London.The Western Fair opened this afternoon
at the Western Fair District in London. (7:03)

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Call for Inquiry into Ontario Prison Conditions

A Sarnia man dies in prison...several corrections officers are fired...a work refusal and a complete lockdown of the prison follows and now a London lawyer wants a provincial inquiry into prison conditions. (7:40)

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Feature Interview - Walk off the Earth's Ryan Marshall

Walk off the Earth is headlining the Shores of Erie Wine Festival in Amherstburg.
This afternoon I'll bring you a feature interview with Ryan Marshall from the band. (8:17)

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Student Mental Health

Mental health issues at the University and College level,
We'll hear just how prevalent they are and get tips on how to cope. (8:25)

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Walkerville Students Win Edinburgh Fringe!

They invaded Scotland and came away victorious...another win at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival for Walkerville Drama students.
I'll talk to two of them about their experience. (8:00)

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Farmer's Almanac vs High Tech

The Farmer's Almanac says a cold snowy winter does that jive with the folks at Environment Canada? I'll talk with Senior Climatologist David Phillips for his forecast. (5:53)

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The Mystery of Ronald Stan

It sounds like something taken from the plot of a Hollywood movie.
But it's happening right here in Southwestern Ontario.
A man disappears after a fire his family searches for him but he's never found.
Nearly four decades pass and they get a phone call with some unbelievable news. (5:12)

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Monarch Butterflies returning to Pt. Pelee

A butterfly bounce back...we'll hear why some are saying the monarch's are back and apparantly doing well. (7:03)

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Lincoln Road's Little Library

Windsor has a new's small, not too many books, but it's filled with community spirit. I'll talk to the head librarian of the Lincoln Road Library. (9:22)

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Bridge Book Panel - All The Light We Cannot See

All The Light We Cannot See revolves around a young German soldier during the second world war and a young blind girl in occupied France... they do not meet until the very end of the book...until the invisible of sound in the form of radio waves brings them together.

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Marc Emery Arrives in Windsor

Marc Emery AKA the Prince of Pot is arriving in Windsor this afternoon after 4 years in a US prison.
Folks are currently gathering for his arrival at city hall square. I'll chat with one marijuana advocate who's there to meet Emery. (4:13)

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Scattered Ashes at Rogers Centre

A Windsor man got in some hot water over the weekend after he scattered his friends ashes on the field at a Blue Jays game in Toronto. Rob Ouellette will be my guest coming up... (7:37)

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Pride at the Windsor Youth Centre

Windsor Pride wraps up it's week of festivities with a parade this weekend.. In the next hour of the Bridge, one woman shares her story of coming out. (5:54)

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Feature Interview - Bruce Cockburn

A true Canadian musical icon is coming to the Kingsville Folk Festival. Bruce Cockburn - He'll be my guest. (9:23)

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Feature Interview - Fred Penner

The Cat is Back! Fred Penner will be in town this weekend to perform at the Kingsville Folk Festival. (10:41)

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Windsor Water Convoy to Detroit

I'll talk to Maude Barlow from the Council of Canadians to find out why she's taking part in that convoy. (9:33)

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Students visiting Windsor from Japan

They'd be just like family. Students from our sister city in Japan are visiting Windsor and they need a place to stay.
I'll talk to the co-ordinator of the exchange program. (6:39)

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Feature Interview - Randy Bachman

Friday night at Caesars Colosseum, it's going to be loud.
Bachman Turner Overdrive is coming in for a show beginning at 9 o'clock. (11:05)

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Bridge Book Panel - "Stories"

"Stories," a collection of shorter works by the celebrated 19th-century Brazilian writer, Jaquim Maria Machado de Assis. (12:00)

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Skirmish at Sturgeon Creek Commemeration

A little known War of 1812 skirmish is being commemorated this weekend near Point Pelee. We'll be hearing all about the Skirmish at Sturgeon Creek. (7:00)

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Windsor International Blues Fest

For twenty years Bluesfest was among the festivals that marked the kick off for summer. Ted Boomer is the festival founder and organizer. (8:22)

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The Bridge Book Panel - All Saints

What goes on behind the church doors in KD Miller's collection of short stories? You wouldn't believe it! Find out when our book panel reviews KD Miller's All saints. (9:44)

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Ojibway Park Bioblitz

If you'd like to help document species found in the Ojibway Prairie Complex, head
down to the Ojibway Nature Centre tomorrow. (5:39)

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Windsor Couple in Same Sex Mass Wedding

Over a 100 couples got married in Toronto today at a mass wedding for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender couples. One Windsor couple was there to tie the knot. We'll hear how it went. (5:44)

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New West End School (West Gate Elementary) Tour

A new elementary school is being unveiled for the public this afternoon. West Gate Elementary opens for tours later today. We'll take an early look inside with the principal Debra Laforet. (8:21)

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Fireworks Origins

Ever wondered how the Fireworks tradition got started 56 years ago?
My next guest does, In fact, he says the whole tradition got started because of someone in his family. (12:14)

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Lady Elvis - Debbie Knight

Think you've seen every kind of Elvis impersonater there is?
Think again, Windsor's Kingfest features a couple of female Elvis impersontaers and we'll meet one of them on the Bridge. (8:21)

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Diabetic's Inspirational Run Across Canada

I'll chat with an athlete who's running across Canada to inspire diabetics to follow their dreams. (8:04)

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Studying Pollution through Tree Leaves

A University of Windsor researcher has come up with an ingenious way to measure air pollution using tree leaves! (9:04)

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1946 Tornado Survivor - Ted Wheeler

We go back in time to this date in 1946 when a tornado ripped through Windsor and Tecumseh. I'll chat with a Windsorite who's family survived that tornado. (10:41)

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Metis Students Canoe Across Ontario

I'll chat with a University of Windsor student who's learning about the Metis side of her heritage through a Canoe expedition. (9:11)

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Danielle Wade - Feature Interview

After touring North America, LaSalle's Danielle Wade comes to Detroit in the Wizard of Oz later this month. (10:26)

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New Wheels to Those in Need

To get a job, you need to be mobile and now there's a program to give wheels to those in need. (8:29)

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Downtown Mission Elevator Woes

What happens when those who help the poor need help themselves?
We'll hear how an aging building is putting a crimp on the Downtown Mission. (7:20)

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Remembering John McGivney

We pay tribute to one of Windsor's most influential volunteers, John McGivney who passed away late last week. (6:39)

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Windsor's Lowe - Martin House

The massive renovations on the historic Lowe-Martin house in Walkerville are almost complete.
We'll speak to the man who took on the challenging renovations.(7:06)

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Windsor's First Nice Day - Streeters

It's been a long time coming, but Windsor finally got it's first nice day of 2014.
Here's what some Windsorites had to say about the beautiful weather. (2:31)

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CBC Searchlight Top 4 Announced

CBC Music's Grant Lawrence tells us who the Searchlight judges chose to bring to the finals (and the stories behind each song) because now Searchlight is down to the final 4.

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The Bridge Book Panel - The Infatuations

Our Book Panel reviews The Infatuations, the latest novel by Spanish bestseller Javier Marias.(10:06)

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Eli Glasner Reviews The Birder

CBC film critic Eli Glasner reviews "The Birder", a film made in Windsor.(9:50)

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Sarah Smith Feature Interview

An interview with singer/songwriter Sarah Smith.
Sarah talks about her musical career and her experiences in CBC's Searchlight competition. (8:23)

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Typhoon Relief Concert

A Windsor musician is hoping a major fundraiser with the WSO will help people in the Filipines recover from Typhoon Haiyan.

Listen audio (runs 7:38)

Fahrenheit Festival Artist

An Artist taking part in the Fahrenheit Festival discusses what it is about watching things burn, that is so popular.

Listen audio (runs 6:30)

Where are the Monarchs?

If you head out to Point Pelee National Park this fall, you'll encounter plenty of birds as they migrate south for the Winter, one species you may not see however is the Monarch Butterfly.

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Revitalization of the Glengarry-Marentette Neighbourhood

Mary Medcalf is with the school of Social Work at the University of Windsor and part of the Glengarry Marentette Neighbourhood Renewal Initiative. She's holding a public meeting Thursday night to hear from residents.

Listen audio (runs 8:08)

International Children's Games Translators

Windsor's multicultural centre and the united way have organized volunteer translators for the International Children's Games.
Certified interpretors who can deal with any serious medical or legal issues that pop up.

Listen audio (runs 6:26)

Stratford Festival Preview

every week at this time, we're profiling theatres that aren't too far from home.
This week, we head to a familiar theatre stop for many, the Stratford Festival Theatre.
Antoni Cimolino is the festival's artistic director.

Listen audio (runs 7:21)

Eat Your City

A week-long culinary event in Essex Windsor is destined to fill our bellies with quality meals and deals.

Listen audio (runs 7:00)

Tall Ship Damaged

One of the tall ships scheduled to stop in Kingsville this month has been damaged.
We'll hear if the Faire Jeanne will be repaired in time for the Coastal Trails Festival.

Listen audio (runs 6:16)

Mass Hypnosis World Record Attempt

A local hypnotist would be glad to have you take part in his attempt to break a world record for a mass hypnosis this weekend at the Comber fair.

Listen audio (runs 8:15)

Python Attack Reaction

Two young children were killed in New Brunswick this weekend by an African Rock Python.
Chad Drouillard has been in the exotic pet business for over 30 years, and runs Chad's Exotics in Lasalle.

Listen audio (runs 5:12)

Sea Turtle Volunteer Vacation

I'll chat with a woman who combined her love of animals with a unique vacation...working with sea turtles on the beaches of Georgia.

Listen audio (runs 7:38)

Alice Cooper Interview

An interview with rock legend Alice Cooper.

Listen audio (runs 13:06)

Ojibway Shores in Danger

Environmentalists are holding a rally tonight to try to stop plans by the Windsor Port Authority to clear cut a large portion of Ojibway Shores. NDP MP Brian Masse is also opposed to those plans. He'll be my guest.

Listen audio (runs 7:44)

Book Panel Discusses Frank Bill's "Donnybrook"

The Bridge's Book panel has just finished reading Frank Bill's debut novel Donnybrook.
We'll hear what they thought.

Listen audio (runs 10:42)

Carrousel By The River preview with Alex Zonjic

The Summer festival season continues this weekend with another round of music on Windsor's waterfront. It's Carrousel By the River, three nights of music that have been tailor made for Windsor and Detroit audiences. And the tailor who stiched it all together is Alex Zonjic.

Listen audio (runs 10:39)

Carrousel by the River preview with Alexander Zonjic

The summer festival season continues this weekend with another round of music on Windsor's waterfront. It's Carrousel By the River, three nights of music that have been tailor made for Windsor and Detroit audiences. And the tailor who stiched it all together is my next guest, Alexander Zonjic, well known flautist and empressario.

Listen audio (runs 10:36)

Sailing from Lasalle to Nova Scotia

It's been almost three weeks since Chris Eagan cast off from a Lasalle marina and set
sail for Nova Scotia. We'll check in with him to see how he's doing.

Listen audio (runs 9:16)

Book Panel "Sweet Tooth"

The Bridge's Book Panel convenes this afternoon to review Ian McEwan's novel, Sweet Tooth.

Listen audio (runs 11:55)

Oklahoma Tornado Relief Truck Arrives

An aid truck bound for Oklahoma was finally allowed to cross the border Saturday night. That truck arrived in Oklahoma Monday. I'll chat with the Pastor who's been waiting for it.

Listen audio (runs 9:23)

Vancouver Band "Portage & Main"

The band is called Portage and Main but they don't come from anywhere near Winnipeg.
Vancouver actually, and for past few weeks they've been making their way across the country, heading east and now south for a show at the Phog Lounge.

Listen audio (runs 11:56)

Villanova Students in Rome for first Papal Blessing

Two days ago, they were in Rome, in St. Peter's Square, for Pope Francis' first papal blessing.Rome was their last stop in an annual field trip for senior students studying history, languages and the arts.

Listen audio (runs 12:16)

Book Panel: "The Painted Girls"

Our Book Panel joins me this afternoon to tell us what they thought of Cathy Marie Buchanan's, The Painted Girls.

Listen audio (runs 13:19)

Aboriginal Health Care Workers

Two new cancer care positions at the Windsor Regional Hospital will focus on First Nations communities.
Listen audio (runs 8:44)

Book Panel / Mr. Brinkley's Tower

Our book panel joins me this afternoon to tell us what they thought of Robert Hough's Historical novel Mr. Brinkley's Tower.

Listen audio (runs 11:44)

Mayor Francis talks Police Accountability

It's been a year since Project Accountability was brought in to increase accountability within the Windsor Police Service. Has it been successful in raising the bar for Windsor Police? We'll talk to the Mayor and Chair of the police services board Eddie Francis for his take.

Listen audio (runs 12:08)

WIFF 2012 Rundown

Vincent Georgie is with the Windsor International Film Festival.
It runs from November 7 thru the 11th.

Listen audio (runs 7:15)

Tragically Hip "Super Fan" Jeff Reid

Back in the mid 1990's when Jeff Reid was still in Highschool,
he went to his first Tragically Hip concert. That concert must have
had a huge impact on him, because he has been going to their
concerts ever since.
To date, Jeff has seen the Hip 36 times.

Listen audio (runs 7:38)

Pink Canoe Portage Across Ontario

Andrew Metcalf is doing something most people wouldn't do.
He's portaging a pink canoe from Ottawa to Windsor.
The 680 kilometer trip is his way of raising money for cancer research.

Listen audio (runs 7:19)

Day Trip "Niagara Butterfly Conservatory"

We're doing something new on the Bridge this summer. Every week at this time, we'll be giving you ideas for some short summer getaways.
For many people Niagara Falls is a popular place to visit. We all visit the Falls,
but have you ever been to the Butterfly Conservatory? If you haven't, Cheryl Tyndall says it's a place you should add to your list. She's the Curator at the Butterfly Consevatory.

Listen audio (runs 6:18)

Todd Newton of the Price Is Right Live!

Come on down...Todd Newton, the host of the Price is Right Live show now on at Caesars will be my guest on the Bridge.

Listen audio (runs 7:48)

State of Canada's Birds

They migrate through this area every spring and fall. But over the years, there have been changes to their populations. A new report released today shows just
what kind of change there has been to Canada's bird species.
The report is called "The State of Canada's Birds". Ted Cheskey is the manager of Bird Conservation for Nature Canada, an avid birder and co-author of the study.

Listen audio (runs 9:41)

Making Seniors Stronger

It's common for seniors to fall. But a local initiative it taking steps to teach seniors how to get stronger and prevent potential falls. We'll hear about a new video and booklet launched today.

Listen audio (runs 11:14)

The Bridge's Book Panel discusses Paul Vasey's "A Troublesome Boy"

The Bridge's Book Panel comes together this afternoon.
They'll tell us what they thought of Troublesome Boy...the latest novel by Windsor's Paul Vasey.

Listen audio (runs 11:50)

Photography Display at the Art Gallery of Windsor

Tonight at the Art Gallery of Windsor it's the opening reception for several new exhibtions.
Among them is Made In america: 1900 -1950: Photographs from the National Gallery of Canada.
In that collection you'll see the early works of pioI met with her and began by asking her how she went about choosing these photgraphs for the exhibit....neering photographers like Ansel Adams and Paul Strand.
You'll also see the progression over those 50 years of photography becoming a true art form.
Ann Thomas is with the National Gallery of Canada.

Listen audio (runs 8:01)

Comedian Danny Bhoy Performs in Windsor

In order to really get my next guest you have set some things straight right off the bat.
His name is Danny Bhoy - but he's not Irish.
He's of East Indian descent but he speaks with a Scottish Accent.
Danny Bhoy is on a tour through Canada during the month of March.
He has a show at the St. Clair Centre for the Performing Arts.
This afternon he joins me on the line from Toronto.

Listen audio (runs 11:40)

Windsor Actor Films Role in Isreal

audition in Toronto. He got called because of a partucular characteristic of his appearance....his red hair.
It was enough to land him a role in a film being shot by National Geographic in Isreal.

Listen audio (runs 9:23)

March Break "Things to do in Ontario"

The schools will be empty next week as students enjoy March break. And if you're
looking for some ideas on things to do in Ontario, Jack Lynch is here to help.

Listen audio (runs 6:27)

"Interrogation" A new play centering on the victim of a hate crime

The stories of people who have been victims of hate crime are at the centre of a new play by Windsor Playrite Chris Rabideau.
It's called Interrogation.And Chris Rabideau will be my guest.

Listen audio (runs 7:23)

Poet Laurie Smith and her book "The Truth About Roller Skating"

Laurie Smith is a Windsor author whose latest collection of poetry is titled The Truth About Roller's published by Cranberry Tree Press.

Listen audio (runs 11:01)

"What is love?" talking to an expert for the science behind the emotion

Ah love, it comes in many forms. We can't live without it, although some might wish to.
But if someone asked, what is love? how would you explain it?
A University of Windsor professor has spent a lot of time reseraching love....he might have the answer.
Dr. Ken Hart...yes hart! is a Professor of Positive Clinical Psychology at the University of Windsor.

Listen audio (runs 10:58)

Walnut Stuffed Figs in Rum Sauce with Frozen Banana Cream Recipe


Frozen Banana Cream:
1 ripen banana, frozen
1/2 teaspoon vanilla
1 Tablespoon Agave nectar
1/2 cup heavy cream, 35 %
Splash lemon juice
Splash cold water

Walnut Stuffed Figs:
5 dried Turkish figs, cut in half
10 Basil leaves
10 Walnut halves
2 Tablespoons butter
2 Tablespoons Agave nectar
Zest and juice of half a lemon
1 shot dark rum


Frozen Banana Cream:
Place all ingredients in a blender. Blend until smooth. If not using right away, place in the fridge.

Walnut Stuffed Figs:
Cut figs in half. Embed each fig half with walnut halves. In a sauce pan, melt butter on medium heat. Add Agave nectar. Place figs, walnut side up, in the sauce pan with the melted butter mixture. Cook on heat for 2 minutes. Add lemon juice and zest to the sauce. Add shot of dark rum. Using a long necked lighter, light the rum sauce and flambé. When the flame diminishes the figs are ready. Remove from heat.

Serving suggestions:

If you have wonton spoons, place a dollop of the banana cream on the spoon followed by a basil leaf. Then top with a walnut stuffed fig. Finish with a drizzle of rum sauce.

If plating, place a dollop of banana cream in the center of plate followed by a few basil leaves and walnut stuffed figs on top. Drizzle with sauce. Imagine a follow pattern when plating. This method can be used for serving more than one.

Valentine's Day Aphrodisiacs

Tomorrow is Valentine's day. And lots of people are planning something special for their
sweethearts. If a romantic dinner for two is on your list of things to do, Bridge Chefs Nav Sehmbi and Rita Horbatiuk are here to help.

Listen audio (runs 9:17)

Madison Violet Interview

Juno nominated Roots duo Madison Violet take to the stage Friday night.
Madison Violet is made up of Brenley MacEachern and Lisa MacIsaac.
They're just back from a U.K. tour and they join me now from our Toronto studios.

Listen audio (runs 8:59)

The Endangered Paw Paw Tree

Have you ever heard of the Pawpaw tree? It's a tree that's indigineous to this area
that a local group is working to increase its numbers. Right now there are only
a few left in this area, but Dan Bisonette wants to change that.

Listen audio (runs 8:01)

Should Hospital Parking Fees be Abolished?

Canada's top medical journal says hospital parking fees should be abolished because they're a barrier to health care. Coming up, we'll hear what you have to say about that
and we'll check in with the president and ceo of Windsor Regional Hospital.

Listen audio (runs 11:17)

Windsor Cultural Summit

Windsor held a Cultural Summit yesterday with more than 100 interested parties taking part.
I'll talk with one participant to find out what was accomplished.

Listen audio (runs 7:33)

Singer Songwriter Ron Leary

He might not call windsor home anymore but his music still reflects the time he spent here.
Tongiht Ron Leary performs at the Phog Lounge.

Listen audio (runs11:53)

Tomato Art!

Tomatoes are a very versatile Fruit / Vegetable you can make them into juice, soup, ketchup... heck you can even hurl them at bad actors, but that's only the tip of the iceberg. The Arts Center in Leamington has found a new use for Tomato's... Tomato's as Art!
Listen audio (runs 4:25)

"Ghost Bird" The Illusive Ivory Billed Woodpecker

It's a bird so rare that not just one but two documentary's have been made about it.
And there's a Windsor connection to the story.
I'll talk with University of Windsor ornithologist Dan Mennill about the Ghost Bird.
Listen audio (runs 8:11)

New "It" Products for Kids Returning to School.

The summer may not be over but back-to-school shopping is in full swing. Coming up, we'll discuss the new "it" products for kids in the classroom and at home.

Listen audio (runs 6:36)

Roxi Delight Comes Home To Windsor

Windsor's Boom Boom Room is welcoming home a true superstar from the world of Burlesque.
Roxi D'Lite appears tomorrow night at the Boom Boom Room.
Listen audio (runs 8:40)

Sunsplash Festival Preview

If you like to be near the water, head down to Belle River this weekend for it's Annual Sunsplash Festival. We'll get a preview.
Listen audio (runs 10:07)

Montreal Band "The Unsettlers"

I'll speak to Ben Brandes of the Montreal based Rock Group "The Unsettlers", They're in town tonight playing at Windsor's Phog Lounge.
Listen audio (runs 9:29)

13 Year Old Disney Singing Sensation Jocelyn Meyer

She's only 13-years-old, but after this singer and actor auditioned in Orlando, Florida at Disney last week. She's now fielding calls from a pile of talent agents.
Listen audio (runs 8:15)

Windsor is Getting an IMAX Theatre

Windsor is getting an IMAX theatre. In fact it opens this Friday night at Cineplex Entertainment's Silvercity on Walker road.
Listen audio (runs 6:10)

Singer / Songwriter Amanda Mabro Interview

Fun Food and Music this weekend at festival epicure on Windsor's waterfront.
One of the headliners is Amanda Mabro.
Listen audio (runs 8:48)

Years of Ernest Band Interview

The McLeod family keeps churning out the talent...this time it's Andrew McLeod and his band Years of Earnest.
They've got a new C.D. being released on Canada day and this afternoon he'll be my guest in studio.

Listen audio (runs 11:12)

Fireworks Families

It's fireworks night annual tradition for many families but for some it's way more than that, we'll talk to a pair of Michigan familes who've been making the trip to Windsor to watch the show, for over a decade.

Listen audio (runs 7:08)

Elvis Fest

It's "one for the money, two for the show, three to get ready, now go cat go"....yes it's
Elvis Fest in downtown Windsor this weekend...we'll get a preview of what's in store

Listen audio (runs 7:18)

Windsor Law Student Bikes down the West Coast of the U.S.

Imagine waking up every morning for seven weeks and riding your bike 95 kilometers! It sounds daunting to say the least. But that's exactly what one University of Windsor Law Student is doing this Summer.
Listen audio (runs 8:37)

Drive-In Coming to Lakeshore

If you miss the old drive-in theatres that used to dot Walker Road, you won't have to
miss it for much longer. A new drive-in theatre is opening up near Tilbury in a few months.
Listen audio (runs 7:55)

Tim Trembley Interview

The Windsor woman who pick the hits during the era of Big 8 Radio in Windsor is being honoured tonight.
We'll tell you just how influential Rosalie Trombley was and how instrumental she was in launching the careers of some of the worlds biggest stars .

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Burt Weeks Statue Vandalized

The Bert Weeks Memorial Garden's on Windsor's waterfront has been vandalized and now Bert Week's daughter says the city is neglecting the man whose vision created Windsor's waterfront parks.

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Ray Parker Jr. Interview

As if it wasn't getting crazy enough with all the entertainment on Windsor's waterfront this gets even better this weekend with Carousel by the River.
It kicks off tongiht night with none other than Ray Parker Jr. know, the guy who wrote Ghostbusters!
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