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March 2013 Archives

As we head into Easter weekend, we hear one woman's journey of faith.

It started off as a personal mission to find her faith and it culminated in a fictional book about a conversation with God. Just over two years ago, Darlene Gudrie Butts' world
was crashing in around her and she experienced a crisis in faith. Feeling a need to turn things around, she began a journey to find her faith. That journey
culminated in a book called "The Promise". (runs 9:20)


One Windsor woman has been trying to raise awareness about a deadly game known as the choking game ever since her son died in the same way.

Many people today are talking about the death of an 11 year old girl from Belle River.
Her parents believe she died while playing the choking game.
Local talk shows and media have been covering it all day and much of that talk has to do with raising awareness about the dangers of playing the choking game.
Unfortunately it's a story that's all too familiar to Annette Latouf.
Her 17 year old son died in July of 2011 after playing that deadly game.
Annette has a Facebook Page dedicated to Justin and to raising awareness about the choking game. (runs 6:27)


Four local singer songwriters are in the running to have their song chosen to represent the International Children's Games

The International Children's Games are coming to Windsor this August 14 thru the 19th but before a single game is played there is another competition taking place right now that you can join in on.
It's choosing which song will represent the games - the theme song for the games and after the preliminary rounds there are now just four local singer songwriters competing.
But before the wining song is chosen there is one more stage to get thru. (runs 8:04)


Nicholas Burrows is the drummer in the New York based The Indecent.

Growing up in a musical household with a rock star Dad could be intimidating if you want a musical career of your own. But Nicholas Burrows has forayed into the rock world and proved he's got every right to be up on stage. The 17-year-old drummer is son to Jeff Burrows, the drummer for rock band The Tea Party. A band that started in Windsor in the 80s. Now Nicholas drums in the New York City based band The Indecent. Theyr'e playing at the Loop tonight in downtown Windsor. (runs 10:12)


Poetry about poverty and homelessness.

Poetry about poverty and homelessness. That's what's on tap for this Sunday. They're taking part in the first Windsor Youth Centre's Words poetry event. (runs 10:51)


Vancouver Band "Portage & Main"

The band is called Portage and Main but they don't come from anywhere near Winnipeg.
Vancouver actually, and for past few weeks they've been making their way across the country, heading east and now south for a show at the Phog Lounge.

Listen audio (runs 11:56)

Villanova Students in Rome for first Papal Blessing

Two days ago, they were in Rome, in St. Peter's Square, for Pope Francis' first papal blessing.Rome was their last stop in an annual field trip for senior students studying history, languages and the arts.

Listen audio (runs 12:16)

Book Panel: "The Painted Girls"

Our Book Panel joins me this afternoon to tell us what they thought of Cathy Marie Buchanan's, The Painted Girls.

Listen audio (runs 13:19)

A new book is coming out early next month by Windsor author Kate Hargreaves. It's called: "Talking Derby"

A new book hits stores early next month, it's called: "Talking Derby: Stories from a Life on Eight Wheels" it's a book of short stories, all having to do with the sport of women's roller derby. The book was written by local author Kate Hargreaves, who has also been a member of the Border City Brawlers, Windsor's Roller Derby team since the team was created in 2010. (runs 11:31)


We'll tell you how you can find out about the food that lives in the forest.

The next time you go out for walk in the woods you might be suprised to know how many plants around you that you can actually eat.
Karen Stephenson is a author and a researcher of edible wild food.
She's organizing a walk though Ojibway park for people who might want to know.(runs 8:28)


We'll hear from an expert on the Petroleum coke on the shore of the Detroit River - he'll put questions about it's safety to rest.

There has been a lot of talk in recent days about the giant piles of Petcoke sitting on the American shore of the Detroit River near the Ambassador Bridge.
There was a protest on the weekend, they were concerned that the piles could pose health risks to Windsorites. A lot of question shave been raised but so far we haven't hear d any definitive answers. To get those answers we have Dr. Jan Ciborowski with us this afternoon.
(runs 7:18)


We'll talk with Kevin O'Leary about his new book Cold Hard Truth: On Men, Women & Money.

Kevin O'Leary speaking about his new book Cold Hard Truth: On Men, Women & Money.
(runs 9:14)


We'll talk to singer songwriter Danny Michel.

Tonight at Windsor's Mackenzie Hall, Windsor Folk presents Danny Michel.
His 10th and most recent album 'Black Birds are dancing over me", has been just been nominated for a Juno in the World music category.
That's an appropriate category because Danny himself has been influenced by the music of the world.
Danny Michel joins me in the studio. (runs 8:31)


The Unemployed Help Centre unveiled its community kitchen this afternoon.

The community kitchen is becoming a satellite campus for the Windsor Essex Public
Board. Robert Catherine is the chef and teacher who will be overseeing everything.
Chef Robert joins me in the studio. (runs 9:34)


Theatre Reviewer Mark Lefebvre took in the opening of Theatre Alive's "Pippin".

Theatre Alive's latest offering was a broadway hit winning four Tony's after debuting in 1972. Our theatre Reviewer Mark Lefebvre took in the opening of Pippin.
He'll tell us if it's worth going to see this weekend. (runs 9:10)


We'll tell you how you can immortalize a Windsor symbol to your body.

Jason Sturgill is an artist from Portland, Oregon. He'sin Windsor this week to take part in a flash sketch and tattoo event. It's all part of a project at Broken City Lab called
"Windsor is Forever". Jason joins us in studio. Also joining us is
Justin Langlois of Broken City Lab. (runs 7:58)


The Light of East Ensemble is coming to Windsor to perform.

This weekend, there's a "A Celebration of The City of Jerusalem". It's an event that promotes tolerance and understanding among the Christian,
Jewish and Muslim communities. Panayiotis Giannarapis is with the Light of East
Ensemble. (runs 7:30)


Saxophonist Marc Funkenhauser performs with the Windsor Symphony Orchestra this weekend.

He's a graduate of the University of Windsor who has gone on to study at the European University of the Saxophone in France.
Marc currently teaches saxophone and clarinet at St. Michael's college in Toronto.
and this weekend's concerts mark the first time Marc has appeared as a soloist with the Orchestra. (RUNS: 8:48)