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January 2013 Archives

The final candidate for the position of musical director with the Windsor Symphony leads the orchestra tomorrow in two concerts.

Each of the 8 - now 7 candidates for the position of musical director of the Windsor Symphony Orchestra.Robert Franz is the guest conductor and the final candidate for Musical Director.
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A feature interview with Clairol the Clown on her silver anniversary.

This year Clairol The Clown is celebrating her 25th. anniversary of clowning.
She's got a big party planned for this weekend...eveyone is invited to join Clairol at the " arena for a free skate.
Tthis afternoon I've invited Carol Crooks into the studio to talk about her creation Clairol The Clown.
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Dealing with your Christmas debt. We talk with the author of "Lessons from the Depression"

Christmas is long gone. And by now, you've likely received most, if not all, of your post Christmas bills.And if you went a little overboard and are wondering how you're going to pay all those bills,Darlene Gudrie Butts is here to help. Darlene is a former financial analyst and the author of the book "Lessons from the Depression".
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What is the role of a library in a digital age?

You can see that close up in Windsor as the city plans to move it's library services to a new location. And people are asking questions about what libraries should be...what role should they play in the community and perhaps more importantly, how should they be funded and for what purpose? Those questions and more form the basis of a panel discussion planned for tomorrow night at Biblioasis Bookstore. Sitting on that panel will be Chris Woodrow, acting CEO of the Windsor Public Library System, Christime Reichert, Supervisor of the Essex County Libraries and Brian Owens from the Leddy Library at the University of Windsor.
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New exhibitions opening this weekend at the Art Gallery of Windsor...they all speak to Borders.

Border Cultures Part 1.
A River That Separates: Imaging the Detroit River 1804-2001.
And the Border Book Mobile Public Archive and Reading Room.
All of those exhibitions continue thru March.
Earlier today I dropped by the Gallery and spoke with two of the artists taking part in Border Cultures Part 1.
Leela Sujir's exhibit features a large screen in front of which sits what looks like a video game table with buttons, knobs and sliders.
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We'll speak to the author whose book will represent Ontario in this year's Canada Reads debates.

This year's edition of Canada Reads is called "Turf Wars"
The country has been divided into five regions and each will be represented by a book and a panelist. The book representing Ontario -- "Away" -- was published 20 years ago.
It follows an Irish family in Canada across several generations and countries.
Jane Urquhart is the author of Away.
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The Great Lakes are the subject of a new photo book by Mark Schecter

We in Windsor Essex have the blessing of being able to access those great bodies of water known as the Great Lakes. Few of us have travelled thru all five of the Great Lakes...and fewer still have spent a portion of that time aboard a lake freighter as it makes it's way from Superior to the St. Lawrence Seaway. But Mark schacter can say he's done that.
And he's documented what he saw in a new photo book titled Sweet Seas - Portraits of the Great Lakes.
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Got a great idea that needs about a thousand dollars to get it off the ground? Get in touch with the Awesome Foundation.

The Awesome Foundation opened a chapter in Windsor.
And to mark that occasion it announced plans to give away 13 grants worth $1000 each.
And it planted little pink bags - each with $13 in them - all across the city for some lucky people to find.
Nicole Adan is the local representative for the Awesome Foundation in Windsor.
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It is the longest running artist run gallery in Windsor and this month it is celebrating it's 30th anniversary.

Sue Gold is a Professor Emeritus of visual arts at the University of Windsor.
She is also the Vice President of the Board at Artcite.
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A Windsor fellow is heading to China to compete in a unique form of wrestling tournament.

You've seen wrestling competitions before.
And I'm talking about legit wrestling...not the tarted up fake world of Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage.
No, legit wrestling like sumo, ju jitsu, kung fu, Greco Roman.
There is one form of wrestling that has captured the imagination of my next guest.
So much so that Sean Bardgett has made it his resolution to win gold at the World Shuai -Chaio Wrestling tournament in China next month.
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Two domestic vehicles were chosen as the Car and Truck of the Year at the NAIAS.

Why did these two vehicles win? For some insights, we spoke with Sean McAlinden.
He's the Vice President of Research and the Chief Economist at the Centre for Automotive Research in Ann Arbor.
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Tracking climate change by finding out whose backyard skating rink is skateable.

The backyard ice rink is quintessentially Canadian... but maybe not for long.
That's because climate change is putting our outdoor fun at risk.
And that's why researchers at Wilfrid Laurier University have launched a new project called "Rink Watch."
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The Academy Award nominations were announced today.

The nominees for the 2013 Academy Awards were announced today.
An event that surely cause some disucssion among those who love movies as well as those who simply enjoy the glitz and glamour of Hollywood.
Vincent Georgie is a member of both those camps.
He is a Professor of Marketing at the Odette School of Business at teh University of Windsor.
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I'll talk with juno award winning Canadian folk singer James Keelaghan.

This Saturday night, Windsor Folk welcomes Juno award winning singer song writer James Keelaghan in concert.
James is no stranger to Windsor, he has visited somewhat regularly over the past 25 years.
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A feature interview with Nelly Furtado.

Nelly Furtado is back with a vengence. On Saturday, January 26 she comes to the Colosseum at Caesars Windsor. It's my pleasure to welcome Nelly Furtado to The Bridge.
Good afternoon Nelly.
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We'll hear how a local theatre company might be on the hook for thousands because of work to rule by local teachers.

Recently, The Windsor Feminist Theatre got the rights to stage My Little Butterball and received a grant from the Trillium Foundation to do that.'ve got to have an audience to put on a play and that's where the problem is.
Patricia Fell is the Artistic Director of the Windsor Feminist Theatre.
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We speak with Canadian comedian Shaun Majumder about his new series "Majumder Manor."

Shaun Majumder is a regular cast member of "This Hour Has 22 Minutes". But now he's the subject of a new television series called "Majumder Manor" ... set in his hometown.
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The cold temperatures are keeping some local wine makers pretty busy.

One local winery has taken advantage of the sub-zero temperatures the last couple of days.
Chris D'Angelo Chris D'Angelo is operations manager at D'Angelo Estate Winery in Amherstburg. They're busy making ice wine. We spoke to him at the winery.
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