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November 2012 Archives

A new, original play by one of Windsor's best theatre companies opens this weekend.

Brian Raisbeck is a playwright having written several work for the stage including Birth of a City, The Snow Goose and A Christmas to Remember: Windsor 1959. Tomorrow night, Theatre Alive debuts another work written by Brian...It's called Beyond The Moon.
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A Cooper's Hawk was flying around Dillon Hall on the University of Windsor campus.

This weekend the juvenile female hawk was successfully captured.
And this morning she was released at Ojibway Nature centre by the president of the Essex County Field Naturalists Club Phil Roberts.
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Scott Speck is a candidate for the position of Musical director of the Windsor Symphony Orchestra.

It' a big weekend for the Windsor Symphony Orchestra..a Masterworks concert featuring Tchaikovsky's War of 1812 Overture. Audiences will see the work of conductor Scott of the eight candidates vying for the position of Musical Director of the Orchestra.
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Windsor's food banks are not just places for families to pick up food anymore...increasingly they are helping people learn how to cook healthy.

Food banks have evolved to teaching people what to do with donated food. For more on this, we'll speak with June Muir.
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We really don't care what Steven Colbert says about Windsor...but others seem to.

You remember last week when television comedian Steven Colbert called Windsor the earth's Rectum? Boy that got a response....But now, we have more people coming to our defense.Yesterday, the Huffington Post ran a column from Adrain Brijbassi.
He's the Managing Editor of Vacay dot ca a travel website.
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The decision to close Forster has some west enders concerned about the effect it will have on the community's revitalization efforts.

How do you keep a community vibrant when faced with these challenges?
For his thoughts, we've reached U of W 's Urban Planner Alan Phipps.
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Are there too many Sanata Claus Parades in Windsor?We'll hear from Santa!

Some people may think two Santa Claus Parades are one too many. We'll talk to the big man himself...that's right Santa - Claus.
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We'll hear from singer songwriter Lynn Miles.

Lynn has eight albums out with including her latest, "Fall For Beauty".She's performed all over the world, and has numerous awards to her credit including Canadian Folk music awards and, a Juno.
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We'll tell you about the stage show opening up in Toronto that tells the stories of long gone amusement park "Boblo".

The multimedia show "Boblo", opens next week at Torontos' Great Hall Black Box Theatre.
It's was written by a group of former Essex county ex-pats now living in Toronto.
We have have two of the creators of "Boblo" in our Toronto Studio......Erin Brandenburg and Andrew Penner.
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The Art Gallery of Windsor is laying off two-thirds of it's staff in an effort to trim costs.

Why is the Art Gallery in this situation? For some answers, I'm joined by Catharine Mastin
and Sean White. Catharine Mastin is the director at the Art Gallery of Windsor. Sean White is president of the board.
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Bring out your dead....and the living...they'll both love Windsor Light Music Theatre's production of Spamalot.

But how is The Windsor Light Production of Spamalot?We sent someone who knows a thing or two about sight gags and funny lyrics to see Spamalot during it's opening weekend.
Mark Lefebvre joins me now with his take on Spamalot.
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Book Panel / Mr. Brinkley's Tower

Our book panel joins me this afternoon to tell us what they thought of Robert Hough's Historical novel Mr. Brinkley's Tower.

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Well Forgotten Harvest Canada is making big strides in getting fresh produce to people in need.

Marilyn Beckham is the Director of Regional Food Rescue for Forgotten Harvest Canada. She joins me now in the studio.
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His father played a crucial role in the Iranian hostage Crisis and now the city of Windsor has recognized the efforts of John Sheardown.

The City of Windsor is recognizing John Sheardown for his efforts in hiding Americans during the Iranian hostage crisis back in 1979.Sheardown helped six Americans hide in until they could be secreted out of the country. And although his name is seldom if ever mentioned in connection to the Iranian Hostage Crisis, those involved consider John Sheardown to be the real hero of that event and that includes Ken Taylor the Canadian ambassador to Iran and the one most people credit for getting the Americans out of Iran.
Now, Windsor has declared November 10 to be John Sheardown day to honour his efforts.
John Sheardown's son Robin and city councillor Percy Hatfield join me in the studio.
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Belle River native Sandra Feldman is back in town for the screening of her latest feature film, "Please Kill Mr. Know It All".

Belle River native Sandra Feldman brings her latest feature film to the Windsor International Film Festival.
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The Windsor International Film Festival opens tonight with local film "Riot".

Windsor's Kyle Monosoyi first feature film is being screened during the Windsor International Film Festival.It's called Riot.
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LaSalle's Danielle Wade is over the moon now that she's won CBC's Over The Rainbow.

LaSalle's Danielle Wade has won the CBC competition Over the Rainbow...the televised seach for a new Dorothy to star in the Andrew Lloyd Weber's production of The Wizard of Oz .
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An Italian Men's choir that's been singing for years performed it's final concert yesterday.

Windsor's Poet Laureate and storyteller Marty Gervais was at the final concert. This concert had special significance for Marty because years ago, the choir made him an honourary member.
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The Windsor Symphony is looking for a new Musical Director.

The Windsor Symphony Orchestra will have seen four of the eight candidates for the position of Musical Director for the WSO. This weekend, guest conductor and candidate Laura Jackson leads the orchestra.
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