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What happens when a group of poets laureate get together for an evening? A lot of rhyming, one would imagine.

What happens when a group of six poets laureate get together?
A whole lot of rhyming and alliteration, for sure.
And if you want to see for yourself, you can, this evening at Willistead Manor.
The event is called Poetry at the Manor. It was organized by Windsor's own poet laureate, Marty Gervais.
Marty is with me in the studio this afternoon.
Also with us is Bruce Meyer. He is the poet laureate of Barrie, Ontario and is one of the poets taking part in tonight's event.
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This Thursday Biblioasis in Windsor welcomes four authors for readings and more.

This Thursday is a special day for Dan Wells and his publishing company Biblioasis.
That's because he'll be officially opening his new location...the former Candylicious store on Wyandotte Street east between Gladstone and offering candy for the mind.
And...he'll be introducing us to four authors who are in Windsor for the grand opening.
They are, C.P. Boyko, Nadine McInnis, Alice Peterson and Norm Sibum.
This afternoon Dan Wells joins me in the studio with a preview.
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A very funny guy is coming to the Chrysler theatre tomorrow night ....all the way from Australia.

Joe Avati could be called the most well known comedian you've never heard of.
Well, that might be true elsewhere but Windsor knows Joe Avati.
He's been here before from his native Australia. And I guess he enjoyed himself a great deal because he's coming back.Joe Avati is on a Canadian tour with a stop in Windsor on Saturday . It's my pleasure to welcome Joe Avati to the Bridge from our studio's in Calgary.
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Jann Arden comes to the Colosseum this Saturday night. We'll have a chat.

Jan Arden has to be one of Canada's bravest if not most popular singer songwriters.
From her first hits Insensitive and Could I Be Your Girl to her most recent cd. Uncover Me 2 she has consistantly delivered pop songs that connect with her audiences.
And her audiences connect with her as well.She's sold more than two million records worldwide and gathered several awards for songwriting and performing.And this year marks her twentieth year as a performer.
Tomorrow night Jann Arden comes to the Colosseum at Caesars Windsor.
It's my pleasure to welcome Jann Arden to the Bridge.
Good afternoon Jann...
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We'll talk to the director of the University Players latest production, Jakes Women.

The University Players open their new season tomorrow night with a Neil Simon Comedy.
They're staging "Jake's Women"....a story that follows the life of Jake....a writer who is more successful with fiction than real life. The show runs this weekend and next at the University's Essex Hall Theatre. Show times are 8Pm with a matinee this sunday at 2PM.
Right now , we have Bill Pinnell in the studio.
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Attention amateur sleuths! A murder mystery, 1812 style.... is taking place in Amherstburg this weekend.

If you're a bit of a sleuth and would like to do something different, head down to the town of Amherstburg this Saturday night. The Amherstburg Museums and Galleries
is staging a murder mystery, 1812 style.The murder mystery is called "The Bicencriminal
Murder - a Killer 1812 Mystery Event'.Mystery writer and (former book panelist)
John Schlarbaum penned this mystery.
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Rush, with a brand new album under it's belt, is out on tour.They have a show at the Palace.

36 albums in 38 years.
Their latest, Clockwork Angels, released in June, debuted at number one in Canada and number 2 in the States.
The band has just begun it's latest tour in support of Clockwork Angels...beginning last week in Pittsburg.
And tomorrow night Rush performs at the Palace of Auburn Hills.
I was fortunate enough to snag an interview with Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson the morning after the show in Pittsburg.
I began by wishing him a belated happy birthday..that being last month.
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We weigh in on whether two santa claus parades in downtown Windsor is too many.

A lot of people are talking about Santa Claus today. As you've been hearing on our news, Windsor will have two Santa Claus parades this in Olde Sandwich and the other in Downtown Windsor. Last night, the Downtown Windsor Business Improvement Association voted to hold it's own Santa Claus parade on Ouellette Avenue December 8th. That decision isn't sitting well with the Sandwich Business Improvement Association. Larry Horowitz is chairman of the Downtown
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False memories research at the University of Windsor.

We all have memories. But have you ever had a memory you believed to be true, only to be told it never happened? It's called a non-believed memory and it's an area
Dr. Allan Scoboria is trying to learn more about. Dr. Scoboria is a clinical psychologist and associate professor of Psychology at the University of Windsor. He's just started a 5 year study on non-believed memories.
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Phog Phest 4 is back this weekend. We'll get a preview .

Phog Phest 4 is back. It's happening this Saturday in downtown Windsor. We'll get
a preview of what you can expect.Tom Lucier is the co-owner of the Phog Lounge....he's the guy behind Phog Phest. He joins me now.
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Today is the anniversary of the Battle of Lake Erie. It was a pivotal battle during the War of 1812.

Today's the anniversary of the Battle of Lake Erie. It was a pivotal battle during the War of 1812 and it was remembered with a special ceremony over the weekend. U.S. and Canadian officials gathered on the deck of the Coast Guard Cutter Mobile Bay to dedicate
a commemorative buoy. The buoy will be placed in Lake Erie where that battle took place back in 1813 near Put-in-Bay, Ohio. The battle of Lake Erie was a turning point in the
War of 1812.For more on its significance, we've reached Lisa Gilbert.
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We chat with a parent who's in favour of year round schooling.

Year round schooling is an idea the board is exploring for some of it's schools.
And it's an idea Jamie Deleveille and the parent council at H.D. Taylor Public
School would welcome. Jamie Deleveille is on the parent council at Taylor. He's also a member of the Greater Essex County Parent Involvement Committee. It's a committee that helps with parent involvement within the board.
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