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I'll chat with Mike Jones. He's on a three and half month cycling trip from Dawson City Yukon to Windsor.

Mike Jones is on a three and half month cycling trip to raise money for Hotel Dieu Grace Hospital.He started his 5600 kilometre trip two weeks ago in Dawson City, Yukon and expects to ride back to Windsor by August. We'll be checking in with Mike along his trek every now and then here on The Bridge. If you'd like to make a donation to the Cardiac cathereization lab at Hotel Dieu Grace Hospital...visit the website at www.
Here's my conversation with Mike from Coal River B.C.
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In just over a week, Carousel of the Nations takes over the city with events through most of June.

It's starting. That time of year when there are so many weekend events to choose from, you have to have a special calendar just to keep up with it all. This weekend, there's Art in the Park, the Strawberry Festival, and Beaverfest ...just to name a few. And next weekend, there's another big event that will see lots of top entertainment coming to Windsor. The annual Carousel of the Nations kicks off next weekend with Carousel by the River down at the Riverfront Festival Plaza. The entertainment for the weekend was announced last night. Alexander Zonjic is the artistic director of Carousel by the River and he's here to tell us more.
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Former Broadcaster and author Paul Vasey has a brand new book.

For many years Paul Vasey was the host of the Morning show here at CBC Radio.
He retired from show biz in 2007 but during that time - and after - he was also writing books. To date he's published ten books - the latest is being celebrated tonight at the Phog Lounge in Windsor. A Troublesome Boy - published by Groundwood Books - looks at life in a boarding school and the chuirch sanctioned abuse that occured there...all told thru the eyes of one of the young boys held there.
Paul Vasey joins me this afternoon.
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The Windsor Public Library board held it's first meeting today as a full board. We'll get an update .

The Windsor Public Library Board held it's first meeting today with its newly formed board.A few weeks ago, Councillor Joanne Gignac took over the city council position left vacant
by Councillor Al Magnieh's resignation over credit card misuse.
And last week, Howard Pawley and Peter Frise joined the board as the two citizen
appointees. Hilary Payne is the acting chair of the Library Board. He joins me in the studio.
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It's a place where homeless teens can go to at night for a hot meal and support, The Windsor Youth Centre.

When Tamara Kowalska moved back to Windsor last year, she never thought that
she'd end up opening a drop in centre for homeless teens. But that's exactly what she
ended up doing this past fall. Seven months ago, Tamara and her husband
opened the Windsor Youth Centre. It's a safe place where homeless teens can go from 5 to 10 each night for a hot meal and support.This Sunday, Tamara is holding an event
to raise awareness about the centre. But first she joins me in the studio.
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The Sam Roberts band comes to the Colosseum at Caesars Windsor Friday night .

The last time the Sam Roberts band appeared in this area was for the Shores of erie Wine Festival in Amhurstburg. We were broadcasting live from the festival and it was pouring rain all afternoon. But just before Sam Roberts was about to hit the stage the rain stopped, the clouds parted and the sun broke thru allowing for the audience and band to have a wonderful evening. Well this Friday night there will be no chance of rain as the Sam Roberts band moves into the Colosseum for an all ages show at 9 o'clock.
Now Sam Roberts joins me on the line from Montreal.
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For the first time in its history, Point Pelee National Park may be on its way to having a family of Beavers.

For the first time in its history, Point Pelee National Park may be on its way to having a family of beavers. A lodge is being built near the Marsh boardwalk....and there have been sightings of two beavers near the lodge. For more on this, we've reached Dan
Dufour. He's a Park Naturalist at Point Pelee National Park. Also joining us is Ellen Smout. She actually saw the two beavers while hiking at the park recently.
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Four baby falcons got banded this morning including Twitter...the name given to one of the chicks by CBC listeners.

Earlier this week we heard about the progress of four falcon chicks that have made their home - along with their mom and dad Freddie and Voltair - on one of the butresses on the Ambassador Bridge.
This morning, representatives from the Canadian Peregrine Foundation and the Ministry of Natural Resources, along with dozens of school kids watched as the chicks were taken from their nest - brought to the ground, weighed, given the once over and then banded before being returned to their nest.
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we'll find out what American and Canadian students learned together about the war of 1812

It was a coming together of two countries in Amherstburg today as they celebrated the bicentennial of the War of 1812. Students from both sides of the border presented their understanding of the War of 1812 through a variety of ways , including
art, dance and theatre. Students first came together last fall to take part in this cross border project. It culminated in today's Path to Peace Artfest in Amherstburg. The Artfest was also the realization of an idea Blanca Alvarez-stransky came up with a few years ago. She's the Superintendent of the Perry's Victory and International Peace Memorial in Put In Bay Ohio. Also joining us is Louisa Mattina. She teaches Grade 7-8 at General Brock School. Her students took part in today's Artfest.
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We'll get an update on the 4 peregrine falcon chicks that are nesting under the Ambassador Bridge.

As you've been hearing on our news, the Ambassador Bridge is now home to 4
peregrine falcon chicks. The babies hatched a few weeks ago, but it wasn't until last Friday that the folks with the Canadian Peregrine Foundation discovered that there were 4 chicks....much to the delight of Dennis Patrick. He's the site co-ordinator at the Ambassador Bridge for the Canadian Peregrine Foundation.
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A move to rename the bridge over the River Canard has hit a snag.

History buffs in Amherstburg would like to see the River Canard Bridge renamed to reflect more of our local history.
Especially as it relates to the war of 1812.
Carolyn Davies is one of the people behind the request.
She'd like the bridge renamed after John Dean and James Hancock, 2 British soldiers who came under attack by Americans in a skirmish at the outset of the War of 1812.
Davies is a councillor in Amherstburg - she also sits on the Heritage committee.
Last night, she went before Amherstburg council for it's approval of the name change.
She didn't get it.
Carolyn Davies joins me on the line this afternoon.
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The Bridge's book panel comes together this afternoon to tell us what they thought of Paulo Coehlo's Veronika Decides To Die.

On November 11, 1997, Veronika decided that the moment to kill herself had - at last - arrived. She carefully cleaned the room that she rented in a convent, turned off the heat, brushed her teeth and lay down. So begins Paulo Coehlo's novel Veronika Decides to Die.
Our book panel has read the book and now Alison Smith and Laurie Foisey join me to tell us what they thought of the book.

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He will take his final bow this weekend with the Windsor Symphony Orchestra. Conductor John Morris Russell.

This weekend John Morris Russell takes his finals bows with an all Brahms program with orchestra and chorus at Assumption Church tonight and tomorrow night at 8 o'clock.
Those perfomances marking the end of his eleven years as musical director of the WSO.
We invited John into the studio yesterday for what I hope will not be the last conversation we have but one that we must have as he wraps up his time in Windsor.
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Windsor Light Music theatre's production of Legally Blonde goes into it's second run of performances this weekend. Our theatre reviewer Mark Lefave takes a look.

Windsor Light Music theatre's production of Legally Blonde goes into it's second run of performances this weekend. Our theatre Reviewer Mark Lefebvre went to see it.
here's his review.
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Local "Stiltz Guy" Mark LeFave made a pitch to the Dragon's Den.

An interview with Mark Lefave, one of "The Stiltz Guys".He made a pitch to the Dragon's Den so they might be seen everywhere.
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An interview with singer songwriter Emm Gryner.

Sarnia born Emm Gryner moved to Toronto as a young woman and started making music for a living. 17 years and 10 albums later - we can easily say she's chose the right career path. From pop songs, to ballads, Gryner's smooth vocals deliver insightful lyrics.
Though she still plays in smaller Canadian cities, she's not gone unnoticed by big names in the music biz. U2s Bono and Nelly Furtado are both huge fans.
She joins me on the line now - good afternoon Emm.
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We'll meet a 13 year old Windsor girl who's won a summer scholarship to the Royal Winnipeg Ballet.

When Tania Angelovski decided to audition for a summer scholarship with the Royal Winnipeg Ballet, she hoped she'd get accepted for the program. But she also knew she was competing against other dancers from across Ontario....and there was only 1 Ontario spot. Well a few weeks ago, Tania got the call she was hoping for. She was chosen as the Ontario Recipient for a scholarship with the Royal Winnipeg Ballet. Tania Angelovski is 13 years old. She'll be heading to Winnipeg this summer for 4 weeks to train in the Royal Winnipeg Ballet's Professional Division Summer Session.
Tania Angelovski joins me in the studio.
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Local playwright Chris Rabideau is one of the artists receiving an Arts Infrastructure Grant.

It's time for the best of the best in the Windsor arts scene to step on stage and be honoured. Tomorrow night, two outstanding leaders from the arts community will be recognized at the annual Windsor Endowment for the Arts. And seven artists will scoop up grants for their efforts in raising the profile of art in our community. Playwright Chris Rabideau is one of those artists. He's receiving an Arts Infrastructure Grant for his
work in bringing attention to bullying due to sexual identity. He's staged two plays "Waking Up Blue" and "Interrogation". Chris Rabideau joins me in the studio.

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We talk with Scotish Canadian singer Johnny Reid.

Musical artist Johnny Reid may be Scottish by birth, but us Canadians are more than happy to claim him. He moved to Canada as a teenager and has created a solid musical career here. His new album, Fire it up, came out last month .And this Friday he'll take to the stage at Caesars Windsor. Johnny joins us by telephone now.
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We'll get an update on plans to turn a former bank in Leamington into a theatre.

If you're looking for something fun to do tonight, you may want to take in a concert
at the Gallery Restaurant in Leamington.Early Shift Music columnist Alison Brown and Puzzleroot are performing there tonight.It's one of the events being organized to
raise funds to turn a former Leamington bank into a theatre space. Dale Butler is with the fundraising group.
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