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The Windsor Jewish Film festival kicks off tonight. We'll hear about some of the films being presented.

The 10th annual Windsor Jewish Film festival gets underway tonight. From documentaries, to dramas and comedies, this unique collection of films are being brought to the big
screen at the Devonshire Mall all this week. The festival opens tonight and runs through Thursday. Stuart Selby is one of the organizers...he been's involved with this festival from the very beginning. He joins us on the line.
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I'll chat with Mike Jones, he's getting ready to do a three and half month cycling trip from Dawson City Yukon to Windsor.

In a couple of weeks, Mike Jones will embark on a journey that will take him from Dawson City, Yukon to Windsor. Mike is trying to raise money for the Cardiac Catheterization Lab at Hotel Dieu Grace Hospital. And he's doing it by riding more than 56 hundred
kilometres on his bike .....from Dawson City back to Windsor. Mike Jones is in the final week of preparations before he heads to the Yukon. He joins me in the studio.
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I'll talk with Aruna Koushik she's being honoured with the Herb Gray Harmony Award .

When Aruna Kushik got a call back in December from the Multicultural Council, she never dreamed they were calling to tell her she was this years recipient of the Herb Gray Harmony Award. This award honours individuals who promote an inclusive and harmonious society in Windsor and Essex County. And that's exactly what Aruna Koushik
has been doing for the past 30 years. Aruna Koushik is the Commissioner of Mediation and Human Rights Services at Windsor Regional Hospital. She was also the founder of the South East Asian Centre. Aruna Koushik receives her award tonight ...but first she joins me on the line.
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The library board held a meeting this afternoon to try to get to the bottom of the Al Maghnieh scandal . We'll chat with board member Hilary Payne.

It's been almost a week since Windsor City Councillor Al Maghnieh admitted
to charging thousands of dollars in personal purchases on a library credit card.
Maghnieh has since resigned as chair of the Library has Alex Cameron, the
chair of the library board's finance committee. But the question everyone seems to be asking is how this could have happened in the first place....especially when there are strict rules in place. That's the question City Councillor Hilary Payne was trying to get the answer to today. He's the acting chair of the Windsor Public Library Board. He met with the library board earlier this afternoon.
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An evening of poetry and fiction at the Phog Lounge tonight, I'll talk with author Mike Barnes.

Anyone who's read the original Grimm Brothers fairy tales knows that they were a lot darker than the versions we see today. Hollywood, or perhaps our culture at large, has sanitzed those early tales - taking out the truly horrifying and smoothing over the more difficult questions raised in those orginal tales. But tonight, at the Phog Lounge in Windsor, author Mike Barnes will be reading from his latest novel The Reasonable Ogre...a collection of twelve original adult fairy tales that returns the form to it's orginal intent, which was to instruct and to entertain but also to trouble the reader with the larger questions of existance.
Tonight's event also features Poet Amanda Jernigan and novelist Claire Tacon.
This afternoon, Mike Barnes joins me in the studio.

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An exhibition of weavings by renowned weaver Ted Hallman is on display at Assumption University Chapel.

For the past week a collection of weavings by renowned textile artist Ted Hallman has been hanging at the Raw Meet Gallery on Monmouth road in Windsor.
Tomorrow, Sunrise Twills moves to Assumption University Chapel where the artist himself will be on hand for a lecture about his work this Sunday afternoon.
Ted studied textiles at Cranbrook in Michigan and over the years these works have been exhibited in major museums across North America including the Royal Ontario Museum.
The weavings on display in Windsor were created some thirty years ago and they were inspired by the choral music of the Star Scape Singers.
I met with Ted earlier today and began by asking him how long it had been since he had seen these works all together again.
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Before Lady Gaga and Madonna there was Sarah one time the most famous woman in the world.

If you think the antics of modern day performers like Madonna and Lady Gaga are sometimes shocking you should have been around to see Sarah Bernhardt.
She died in 1923 but during her life she was the most famous woman in the world.
Tomorrow night, a one woman musical called Bernhardt on Broadway is being staged at the Korda Zone theatre on Seminole St. in Windsor.
Carol Dunitz is the star of that show.
She...and Madame Bernhardt join me on the line this afternoon.
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Guitarist Rik Emmitt brings his expertise as a guitarist and as a songwriter to students at St. Clair College in Chatham this weekend.

Fans of Canadian rock and roll know who Rik Emmitt is...he led one of Canada's most successful trios Triumph to great success in Canada and the U.S. After leaving Triumph in 1988 Rik had the opportunity to show he had a little more in his guitar arsenal than three chord rock and roll. He released several albums that explored classical, jazz, blues, fusion and flamenco. In fact he got a jazz guitarist award in 2005 from the Canadian Smooth Jazz Awards. And he's no slouch at songwriting either, having penned some of Triumph's biggest hits and several others during his solo career.
This Saturday Rik Emmett is sharing his musical expertise with aspiring guitarists and songwriters in Chatham at the St. Clair College Campus there and following the day long workshops he'll be performing an acoustic set at the Capitol Theatre in Chatham Saturday night at 8.
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We'll meet one of two local recipients to receive a Caring Canadian award from the Govenor general in Ottawa.

An exciting day today for two local people.William Martens and Daphne Clark were 2 of 28 volunteers from across Canada receiving a Caring Canadian Award
in Ottawa this morning.
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A few weeks ago, we drew our winner for our "Win a Gourmet Dinner" contest. We'll get a review from our winner.

Well it was a coveted prize. But in the end, only one person could win. I'm talking about our "Win a Gourmet Dinner" contest.Domenic Aversa was the lucky winner. And
over the weekend, he and his family were treated to a gourmet dinner prepared in their home by Nav and Rita from Atmostphere Fine Foods.
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An exhibiton of weavings is on now at the Raw Meet gallery....I'll talk to the organizer of Sunrise Twills With titles by world reknowed textile artist Ted Hallman.

There's a new exhibit at the Raw Meet gallery in Windsor. Sunrise Twills with Titles is a series of weavings by textile artist Ted Hallman.The works were inspired by music...specifically the Starscape Singers and the titles were given to the pieces by Kenneth G. Mills. This exhibtion initially opened at the Royal Ontario Museum and has since travelled across Canada and the U.S. Later this month, Ted Hallman will be in Windsor to talk about the works...that's happening at the Assumption chapel but right now the wortks are on display at the Raw Meet Gallery for the next two weeks.
I dropped by the opening last week and spoke with David Nash...the organizer of the exhibit. I began by asking him what makes Ted Hallmans' weavings so unique.
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Steve Smith also known as Red Green is bringing a truck load of duct tape to Dearborn and Macomb Michigan this weekend.

He is the man who can fix anything...he dispenses advice to both men and women..can help to repair your relationships and reminds us all that if women don't find you handsome they should at least find handy.
All that should be familiar to Red Green fans.
Red is in Michigan this weekend bringing his Wit and Wisdom tour to Macomb tonight at the Macomb Centre for Performing Arts and and Dearborn tomorrow night at the Ford Community & Performing Arts Centre.
Steve Smith also know as Red Green joins me on the line .
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Kevin Costners band is called the Modern West and he's got a show at Caesars Coloseum Friday night.

Kevin Costner is well known for his acting roles....Dances With Wolves, Field of Dreams and the Bodyguard. He's also known for his environmental efforts and his love of baseball.
There's one other area of Costner's life that will be on full display Friday night at Caesars Colosseum...his musical life.
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Stuart McLean is coming to the Chatham Cultural Centre this weekend.

Stuart McLean, one of Canada's most popular storytellers, is bringing his Vinyl Cafe show to the Chatham Cultural Centre on April 15th.In addition to some great music, Stuart will
bring his stories on the zany antics of Dave and Morley. Over the past week, we've been taking your questions for Stuart. Stuart McLean joins us from our studio in Toronto.
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Jim Scott is just wrapping up another trip to Haiti to help the people there.

It all started with a phone call about running shoes. Bob Probert's daughter had collected used running shoes to help people in Haiti after the earthquake...but she had no way of getting them there. So her mom called Jim Scott to see if he could help.
And he did.
Jim Scott is president of Ground Effects.
He arranged to have the shoes and other goods shipped to Haiti and then
he and some friends went to Haiti to personally deliver them.
That trip turned into another and another and most recently Jim has just wrapped up a week long visit to Haiti. He's coming back home today.
Jim Scott joins me on the line from Haiti.
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We'll tell you about the very special dinner being presented to mark the Titanic anniversary.

The 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic is coming up. And to mark that anniversary, a number of special events are taking place. Next week, the tragedy is being remembered in a special way by the Chatham Kent Museum. It's marking the occasion with a special Titanic dinner at the Chatham Armouries a week from this Saturday, on April 14th.
The menu will be a re-creation of the menus that first and third class passengers would have been served on board the luxury liner. Deanna Bullard is with the Chatham-Kent Museum.
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The history of one of the most renowend musical venues in North America has now been captured in a new documentary.

Ask anyone of a certain age about the Grande Ballroom in Detroit and you'll get nods of recognition...oh yeah They'll say, that was the coolest place back in the late sixties...the coolest place to see the best rock and roll bands of the day.
The Grande hosted Led Zepplin, Cream, Janis Joplin, The Who and just about every other major rock act.
And it's reputation grew, not only among the fans but among the groups became the place to play if you were touring anywhere near Detroit.
Now, the history of the Grande Ballroom has been captured on film in a new documentary called, Louder Than Love - The Grande Ballroom Story.
Tony Dannunzio is the man behind that documentary and he joins me on the line from Detroit this afternoon.
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The author who brought you the Watson Family and Bud Not Buddy has a new character to introduce to you...the Mighty Miss Malone.

My next guest hit his first book right out of the park.
While toiling away on the line at the Fisher Body Plant in Flint Michigan, Christopher Paul Curtis was also writing his first book, The Watson's Go To Birmingham 1963.
It was a Newberry Honour Book and a Coretta Scott King Honour Book.
His next, Bud Not Buddy went further, winning the Newberry Medal and a Corretta Scott King Award.
In January Christopher Paul Curtis released his latest novel, The Mighty Miss Malone about a family on a journey to a place called wonderful.
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