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March 2012 Archives

Community arts groups met with the Windsor Symphony last night...a chance for potential users of the Capitol theatre to have a conversation with the new owners.

The Windsor Symphony will be taking over the Capitol theatre in September.
When that organization takes over it's got to fill those theatre seats as many days of the year that it can.
The future of the symphony depends on the Capitol becoming not only self sufficient but a money maker for the Symphony as well.
Of course the Symphony has it's own series of dates that will fill up part of the calender but for the rest it's depending on the dozens of user groups that might use the Capitol to stage their events.
Everything from dance groups, the book enthusiast to theatre and musical groups.
Last night The Windosr Symphony met with potential users of the Capitol...a meet and greet if you will where the Symphony could lay out it's plans and the users could find out where they fit into those plans.
Peter Hrastovic was there.
Peter is a local lawyer, he's also a member of the Citizens for the Capitol theatre Group and he treads the boards on occassion as well.

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We'll tell you about the Titanic exhibition happening at The Henry Ford Museum that opens soon.

Opening soon, The Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn Michigan is hosting the worlds largest touring exhibition of HMS Titanic artifacts.
This exhibition and other events planned at The Henry Ford, mark the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic off the coast of Newfoundland.
With over 300 items on display, the exhibition will take you back in time to when The Titanic was the largest, most magnificent ocean liner on the sea.
The exhibit includes replicas of artifacts the passengers would have seen on the ship, and actual items recovered from the ocean floor.
Tom Varitek is with The Henry Ford, he joins us on the line to tell us all about the exhibition.
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The Windsor Symphony announced it's line up for the 2012 - 2013 season this morning.

This morning, at the Capitol Theatre, the Windsor Symphony announced the line up to it's 2012 - 2013 season.
As you might expect it's filled with programming that reflects the best in classical by Brahms, Tchaikovsky, Beethoven and Hyden among others.
The WSO has also commissioned new works to commemorate the War of 1812 and tapped guest stars such as cellist Shauna Rolston, the Capitol Quartet featuring four saxophones and violinist Mark Fewer just to mention a few of the highlights from next season.
But this is also a time of great change for the orchestra...all of it happening at once.
The launch of a new season...a search for a new musical director and a big move into the Capitol theatre from it's offices on Ouellette Avenue.
I spoke with the WSO's Executive Director Jeth Mill at this morning's announcement and we talked about the new season asa well as the changes ahead.
I began by suggesting that the theme for this season might be...change.
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Theatre Alive's production of Chicago opened last weekend at the Chrysler Theatre. We'll have our reviewer take a look.

It's not the first time Theatre Alive has staged the musical Chicago.
In fact it's the third time the company has presented that show.
Perhaps, that's because it's a crowd favourite and they've had success with it in the past.
Last weekend Theatre Alive opened Chicago at the Chrysler Theatre.
It's got another run this weekend.
We sent our theatre reviewer Mark Lefebvre to see it and he joins me now with his review.
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A rising young pianist from Algeria performs with the Windsor Symphony Orchestra in two performances.

The Windsor Symphony is in concert with special guest pianist Mehdi Ghazi. He's young pianist from Algeria who emigrated to Canada when he was 17 to study at the Montreal onservatory of music and has since then won several competitions including the first prize at the Festival de musique Classique and first prize at the Canadian Musical Competition.
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CBC Win a Gourmet Dinner Contest

On Thursday, April 5, 2012 we will have a random draw for a gourmet dinner, prepared in your very own home! Find out how you can enter and qualify to be included in the draw. Read more »

Windsor's Poet Laureate Marty Gervais.

What does a poet know about the University of Windsor Lancers women's basketball championship ? A lot if you've been living with one of the players.
Windsor's Poet Laureate Marty Gervais joins us.
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Mathematics can be intimidating.But I'll be talking to a University of Windsor student who says that's all a misconception and she's one of just 16 women from across the province invited to take part in a summer school for women in Math.

I think if you were to ask any student, which subject is the hardest, they'd probably say mathematics.
But my next guest has had no trouble with math.
In fact, she's such a math wiz that she is now one of only sixteen women from across Canada selected to attend a Summer School for Women in Math conference.
Rachel Mok Tze Chung (check pro) is a second year math and statistics student at the University of Windsor.
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A slice of Windsor's history has been turned into a play that's getting a dramatic reading next week.

I'll talk to the playwrite Steven Palmer who's work called, The Metropolitan is a play about gender politics and sexual scandal in the world of Windsor Nursing.
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Comedian Danny Bhoy Performs in Windsor

In order to really get my next guest you have set some things straight right off the bat.
His name is Danny Bhoy - but he's not Irish.
He's of East Indian descent but he speaks with a Scottish Accent.
Danny Bhoy is on a tour through Canada during the month of March.
He has a show at the St. Clair Centre for the Performing Arts.
This afternon he joins me on the line from Toronto.

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Windsor Actor Films Role in Isreal

audition in Toronto. He got called because of a partucular characteristic of his appearance....his red hair.
It was enough to land him a role in a film being shot by National Geographic in Isreal.

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March Break "Things to do in Ontario"

The schools will be empty next week as students enjoy March break. And if you're
looking for some ideas on things to do in Ontario, Jack Lynch is here to help.

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"Interrogation" A new play centering on the victim of a hate crime

The stories of people who have been victims of hate crime are at the centre of a new play by Windsor Playrite Chris Rabideau.
It's called Interrogation.And Chris Rabideau will be my guest.

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A local actor is heading off to Israel for a role in a National geographic film. We'll find out what helped him land the role.

Local actor and musician Clinton Hammond has gotten a big break.
He'll be travelling to Israel in a few days for a role in a National Geographic film.
He's playing the role of Esau, the brother of Jacob in a biblical documentary being shot in the holy land. A wee bit of Clinton's Celtic ancestry may have helped him land the part.
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St.Clair College buys Chathams Capitol Theatre.

St. Clair College is taking over a state of the art theatre. This afternoon it announced it's
buying the Capitol theatre in Chatham. John Strasser is the president of St. Clair College.
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