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Nav and Rita from Atmosphere Fine Foods will be by once again with another recipe for a unique, tasty and easy appetizer to serve your guests over the holidays.

Nav Sehmbi and Rita Horbatiuk join me in the studio with another great holiday appetizer.
For a copy of this and other recipes go to either cbc do ca slash windsor
or the atmosphere fine foods dot com.
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Our dinner party chefs will tell us another recipe for a unique, tasty and easy appetizer to serve up over the holidays.

Nav Sehmbi and Rita Horbatiuk join me in the studio with another great holiday appetizer.
For a copy of this and other recipes go to either cbc do ca slash windsor
or the atmosphere fine foods dot com.
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We're going to have some great appetizer recipe's for you to try out over the holidays...created by our Dinner Party chef Nav Sehmbi.

So you've got company coming over for the holidays and yes, you'll serve up the traditional meals but if you'd like to add a bit of a surprise to your menu then you'll want to stay tuned.
Our Dinner Party chef Nav Sehmbi is here with some simple recipes for some great appetizers you can serve to your guests.Now, Nav has three recipes for you to try and today, tomorrow and Friday we'll be bringing you one each day.
Nav Sehmbi and Rita Horbatiuk are the people behind Atmosphere Fine Foods.
So, to start Nav Sehmbi joins me with appetizer number one.
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A visit to an new artist co-operative that's attracting more artists than it can handle.

The past two months have been quite busy for Melissa Piva.She opened a new artist co-op on Sandwich Street in West Windsor.It's called Trinkets, Treasures and the Truly Unique.
And it has attracted so many local artists and crafters that she is now moving to a new - larger location down a couple of doors.I dropped by the store earlier today and spoke with Melissa Piva.
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The Windsor band Elliott Brood is in town for a special show tomorrow night at Villians.

Since 2002, when the band formed, Elliott Brood has consistantly grown in popularity so that today it is one of Canada's most celebrated bands.Made up of just three members - two that call Windsor home - they have never played up to demands of pop radio.
Instead they have stayed true to their musical goals playing what was first referred to as death country and now something Casey Laforet calls loud, heavy rock and roll.
That's what you'll find on the band's latest release Days Into Years.Just this year alone that cd - Days Into Years - was picked by the National Post as one of the top ten albums of the year.And on CBC Radio three the band picked up a Bucky Award for the most Canadian song...Northern Air from that cd.Tomorrow night Elliott Brood is back in Windsor for a show at Villians nightclub.
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New CBC TV show searches for Canada's Smartest Person.

A lot of people equate intelligence with a high IQ or being a whiz at maths and sciences.
But not Robert Cohen. No...Robert thinks there's a lot more to being smart than pure intelligence. And he's on a mission to prove it. Robert Cohen is the producer of a new show that will air on CBC next spring called "Canada's Smartest Person".
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A new C.D. of christmas music for you this year courtesy of local musicians Jody Raffoul and Jeff Burrows.

I've mentioned a couple of times this week, when talking about Christmas music, that I have a pretty ecclectic collection of christmas cd's. But every year I always say it's time to add some new tunes to the mix.And this one, A time for Joy will fit quite nicely.It's courtesy of two of Windsor's most prominant musicians...Jody Raffoul and Jeff Burrows.Their new collection is titled A Time For Joy and a portion of the sales of the C.D. will go to The Hospice of Windsor and Essex County.Jeff Burrows ans Jody Raffoul join me in the studio this afternoon.
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Walkerville High School presents "The Christmas Truce".

Students at Walkerville's Centre for the Creative Arts will take a step back in time this week the year pay tribute to war veterans. For the second year in a row, drama students are staging a musical drama based on the inspiring event that occurred among soldiers on Christmas Eve and Christmas day during World War 1. It's
known as "the Christmas Truce". And later this week, drama students will be bringing that inspiring event to life at Walkerville Collegiate. Joining me now is John Nabben, the playwright and drama teacher at Walkerville. Also joining us are Alexandra Strasak and
Alice Snaden, two of the actors.
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Rita McNeil is back on the road with a performance coming up this Wedsnesday night at Migration Hall in Kingsville.

Rita McNeil burst onto the Canadian music scene in 1987, although she had been laying the groundwork for her career since 1971 when she penned her first song Need for Restoration.In 1979 she began writing in earnest and her songs then included Working Man for the coal miners of Cape Breton.That became an anthem to working men everywhere.She's a Juno award winner, A Gemini Award winner, East Coast Music Awards winner and has received the Order Of Canada. And now she's on the road once more with a show coming up this Wednesday at Migration Hall. Joining her are the Von Trapp children.
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Just in time for Christmas, Sara Elliot tries to learn to play the bells.

Bell choirs are a common feature at Christmas concerts. But have you ever wondered how easy or difficult it is to play those bells?We we sent Sara Elliott out to get a lesson.
Her teachers: The Christ Church Ringers at Christ Church in Amherstburg.
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How a video about bullying compelled a 17 year old teenager from Amherstburg to reach out with a video of his own.

Last Sunday started off as a regular day. But by the end of the night,17 year old Jordan Monforton had reached out to a boy who was being bullied by posting a video of support on You Tube. He was responding to a video posted by Jonah Mowry 4 months ago about the bullying he'd endured since grade 1. Through the use of cue cards, Jonah talked about his experience and said he was scared to start grade 8 because all but one of his
friends had moved on to high school.That video touched Jordan Monforton when he saw it 4 days ago. So he posted a video on You Tube called "My Response to Jonah". Jordan and his mom Michelle are from Amherstburg. You can see both videos by going to our website at
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Windsor artist Stephen Mueller has a new exhibit at the Art Gallery of Windsor.

If you happen to venture into the Arty Gallery of Windsor over the next two weeks you'll find an exhibit by Windosr artist Stephen Mueller.He spent his youth in Windsor...went to John Campbell and then Massey High School.He did his undergrad work at the University of Windsor and then off to Calgary to complete his Masters. His latest work is titled Please Don't Go.It features a plexiglass box big enough for Stephen to sit in.A spool of ticker tape with brail markings is fed thru the box.Inside. Stephen takes the tape and cuts out the tiny brail markings and then places them in a jar.The tape then is fed back out the other end of the box.Throughout it all Stephen stays in that box...sometimes up to six hours at a time while vistors stop to consider the work.He says it deals with memory and loss.I visited the Gallery yesterday while Stephen was setting up the exhibit.And he began by describing his work.
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we'll tell you about the Essex Region Conservation Authorities Podcast Project.

The Essex Region Conservation Authority is entering the age of technology. It's using podcasting to tell you about destinations throughout Essex County. It's called the "Explore the Shore Podcast Project". I'll chat with Chris Ives about the project.
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New Co-Op Art Gallery opens in Windsor

A new art gallery opened up in Windsor last week. But it's a little different than your typical gallery.It's non-profit. It's called the Back Door Gallery. Sara Elliot takes us on a tour.
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The Endangered Paw Paw Tree

Have you ever heard of the Pawpaw tree? It's a tree that's indigineous to this area
that a local group is working to increase its numbers. Right now there are only
a few left in this area, but Dan Bisonette wants to change that.

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