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Here's something the arts community will like a lot....the naming of the city's poet laureate.

We've never had one before but we've got one now....a Poet Laureate to represent the city of Windsor.And the person tapped to fill that role is Marty Gervais.He's certainly no stranger to the literary arts in Windsor as the author of several books himself and as the publisher of Black Moss Press.Marty Gervais joins me in the studio.
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Should Hospital Parking Fees be Abolished?

Canada's top medical journal says hospital parking fees should be abolished because they're a barrier to health care. Coming up, we'll hear what you have to say about that
and we'll check in with the president and ceo of Windsor Regional Hospital.

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World renowed Windsor pianist Daniel Wnukowski and his wife Marta Potulska come home for a recital tomorrow night at MacKenzie Hall.

My next guest was three when he saw a transparent piano in a music store in Toronto.
That event led to a life long fascination with the piano and more specifically the music of Chopin. Daniel Wnukowski - after his introductory piano lessons in Windsor - went on to study at the Fredrick Chopin Academy of Music in Warsaw.
Over his career he has won numerous awards and has performed around the world.
And along the way he met his wife...violist Marta Potulska.Both are featured in a recital tomorrow night at MacKenzie Hall in Windsor.
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Nickelback-lash. A petition is going around expressing outrage that Canadian rock band Nickelback is this year's entertainment at the Lions game, and why their music sells so well.

This afternoon in Detroit Nickelback performed during the half-time show at an N-F-L game, much to the dismay of 55-thousand football fans. They'd signed a petition to have the band replaced by another act. A similar petition is circulating here in Canada, expressing outrage about the band performing at the Grey Cup this weekend. To help us understand why Nickelback is so reviled... and yet ... so successful... we've reached Sarah Liss. She's a music columnist and associate editor of The Grid magazine in Toronto.
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We talk to rock legend and host of CBC Radio's Vinyl Tap Randy Bachman! He's written a new book about the stories he's told on that show...and the people and places behind them.

Every Saturday night, millions of listeners around the world tune in to hear Randy Bachman on Vinyl Tap.The Canadian rock legend-- best known for his work in The Guess Who and Bachman-Turner Overdrive -- takes listeners on a musical journey, spinning his favourite tracks and reminiscing about his personal encounters with the famous artists behind them.
No wonder it's CBC Radio's top-rated weekend show.Now, Bachman has written a book chronicling some of his favourite stories, called "Randy Bachman's Vinyl Tap Stories"
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Technology is a wonderful makes our lives easier. Local musicians are collaborating with others around the world.

Technology has made all of our lives easier. And, it's benefits touch almost every aspect of our lives...from work to home life.For some local musicians, technology has made it possible to work with other musicians around the world...even some that they might never have been able to collaborate with if not for electronic file sharing of music.
Collectively the band is know as Tyson Carma but it's members can change depending on the work. Although Craig Vasily is one of the permanent members.
He joins me in the studio this afternoon to talk about his latest project, a reworking of the Marshall Tucker band his song...Can't You See.Craig is here along with his engineer Ed Everaert.
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The Art Gallery of Windsor and the Central Branch of the Windsor Public Library sharing the same space.

The main branch of the Windsor Public Library is moving to the Art Gallery of Windsor.
Last night, Mayor Francis announced the city's plan to buy the art gallery and move
the main branch of the library to the first floor.Once the move it done, the Art Gallery will
occupy the second and third floors.To find out just how this will affect the two operations, I'm joined by Catherine Mastin and Barry Holmes. Catherine Mastin is the director of the Art Gallery of Windsor. Barry Holmes is the CEO of the Windsor Public Library.
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We'll tell you how local songwriters are busy commemorating the war of 1812 in song.

The words to that song were penned by an American soldier nearly 200 years ago during the war of 1812. Imagine what he would've thought knowing one day the words in his letter would be set to music and put on a Cd. That's exactly what's happened.
"Reflections of 1812" is a musical compilation Cd created by local songwriters to
commemorate the bi-centennial of the battle along our border.Two of those songwriters are Dale Butler and Glen MacNeil. They've each written songs inspired by the events of the war. Glen MacNeil and Dale Butler join me in the studio.
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We'll find out about a talk at the university that will explain why we need pets in our lives.

Ask any pet owner and they'll likely say they get a lot of benefits from having a pet. But ask Alan Beck, and he'll say pets are actually good for your health. Alan Beck is a professor of animal ecology at Purdue University. He's also co-author of the book "Between Pets and People, The Importance of Animal Companionship". He's in Windsor today to give a talk about the "Unique Bond between Companian Animals and People" at the University of Windsor.
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The Grand Opening of this year's International Film Festival in Windsor.

Well, here we are again, vacuming the red carpet...making sure all the projectors have light bulbs and trying to schedule our movie favourites from more than 70 to choose from.
It's opening night for the Windsor International Film Festival.Vincent Georgie is with the Festival and he joins me now with a preview of tonight's festivities.
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It may have looked like hundreds of teens all skipped out of school on the same day to go watch movies at the Capital Theatre in downtown Windsor. But in fact, it was a bonafide field trip, a project to let high school students, see Canadian films.

Hundreds of local teens got to skip school today to go to the movies.But they weren't playing hooky - since it was a school sanctioned field trip.The day was put on by Reel Canada - an organization that matches up high school students with entertaining Canadian made movies.Jack Blum and Sharron Corder are co-founders of Reel Canada.
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On Thursday night Windsor's Phog Lounge will be swarming with American comics.

Windsor's Phog Lounge is well known in the indie rock community.Bands from across Canada have wedged themselves onto the microscopic stage and entertained Windsorites.
Thursday the stage will be filled by comedians, instead of musicians. It's the "Some Kind of Invasion Comedy Night" Harry Moroz, Kent Tucker and Corbin Recke will be the comedians drumming up the laughs.
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We're going to hear all about the dinner Larry and Sue Vellinga won!

Regular listeners know that all last month we ran a contest on the Bridge. We gave away a dinner party for six, prepared and served in the winners home for six guests by Nav Shembi and Rita Hobortiuk with Windsor's Atmosphere Fine Foods.Larry and Sue Vellinga were the winners and last Saturday night that dinner was served. Larryjoins me on the line to tell us how it went.
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Windsor Cultural Summit

Windsor held a Cultural Summit yesterday with more than 100 interested parties taking part.
I'll talk with one participant to find out what was accomplished.

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