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August 2011 Archives

A feature interview with Gino Vannelli

Wild horses could not keep Gino Vannelli fans from Caesars Windsor this Saturday night.
And perhaps not just because of his music, although with a string of hits under his belt I'm sure that's the main draw.But it might also be because they've read his book, Stardust in the Sand and can't wait to hear some of those stories told in the authors own voice.This afternoon Gino Vannelli joins me on the line from his home in Oregon.
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The new school year is fast approaching, and with that comes great anxiety for many students

Less than a week to go until school halls are abuzz with squeaky sneakers and high-pitched chatter.And, though noise levels will be right up there in the red, anxiety levels can be even higher.School is often an acute source of stress for many young people.
And that can cause behaviour that is often misinterpreted by teachers and parents.
Alan Goyette was a social worker with the Greater Essex County District School Board for many years. He's now Executive Director of Glengarda Child and Family Services.
Earlier today, he gave a talk to public board teachers called Scared Silly: Recognizing School-Based Anxiety Issues.
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We'll hear about a guitar that links Canada because of how it's made.

It draws a crowd wherever it goes. It debuted on Parliament Hill 5 years ago on Canada Day. And the people who play it can't stop talking about it. I'm talking about a guitar. But this isn't just any guitar. It's the brain child of Jowi Taylor. He's in Windsor tonight to share his story of Six String Nation at Caesar's Windsor.
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I'll chat with Jim and Jordan Scott. They're back from a 10 day mission to help the people in Haiti.

It's been just over a week and a half since Jim and Jordan Scott returned from a trip to Haiti.
Jim Scott is the owner of Ground Effects in Windsor.He and his daughter along with Jim's friend and son spent 10 days in Haiti delivering aid to a number of orphanages
and hospitals. The trip came as a result of a request by Bob
Probert's family to deliver shoes to Haiti.
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Local woman in the finals for the $25000 Hot Dog

Anyone with a bar-b-que has had experience cooking up some hot dogs.
And when you think about it...there isn't much to it...put in on the grill...cook til it breaks the skin...then serve it up on a bun with your favourite condiments right?
Well, the folks at Maple Leaf foods think there's more to a hot dog than that and it's running a contest where contestants share their unique hot dog recipes.
The winner gets $25,000.There are ten teams, made up of a parent and a child.
One of the finalists is Shelley Nelson of Windsor.
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Portobello Mushroom Overload
By Shelley and Mark Nelson, Windsor Ontario
This recipe makes 2 hot dogs (just double it for 4 etc.)

1 cup Portobello Mushroom caps (chopped into large pieces)
2 Tbsps olive oil
2 Tbsps balsamic vinegar
2 cloves garlic, minced
¼ cup shredded Swiss Cheese

2 100% Angus Beef Top Dogs
2 Villaggio sausage buns

Chop Portobello Mushrooms and combine in a bowl with the olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and minced garlic. Stir around to mix thoroughly.

Shred the Swiss Cheese.

Spoon the Portobello Mushrooms into a wire basket for grilling*. If there is excess liquid in the bowl then just leave it in the bowl.

BBQ the 100% Angus Beef Top Dogs until done and the mushrooms until cooked. Put a hot dog in the bun, top with mushrooms, and sprinkle ½ the cheese on top (or less if you prefer a smaller amount of cheese). Move rapidly as the mushrooms must be hot enough to melt the cheese.

Repeat with the second hot dog. Eat and enjoy.

Jack Layton NDP leader died today, his friend and fellow MP Joe Comartin remembers him.

Many people are mourning the death of Jack Layton today. The leader of the NDP
party and of the official opposition died this morning after a long battle with cancer. He was 61.Tributes have been pouring in from across the country since news of his death.
That doesn't surprise MP Joe Comartin. He's the MP for Windsor-Tecumseh and a close
friend. Joe Comartin joins me on the line.
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Singer Songwriter Ron Leary

He might not call windsor home anymore but his music still reflects the time he spent here.
Tongiht Ron Leary performs at the Phog Lounge.

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Tomato Art!

Tomatoes are a very versatile Fruit / Vegetable you can make them into juice, soup, ketchup... heck you can even hurl them at bad actors, but that's only the tip of the iceberg. The Arts Center in Leamington has found a new use for Tomato's... Tomato's as Art!
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"Ghost Bird" The Illusive Ivory Billed Woodpecker

It's a bird so rare that not just one but two documentary's have been made about it.
And there's a Windsor connection to the story.
I'll talk with University of Windsor ornithologist Dan Mennill about the Ghost Bird.
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New "It" Products for Kids Returning to School.

The summer may not be over but back-to-school shopping is in full swing. Coming up, we'll discuss the new "it" products for kids in the classroom and at home.

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Roxi Delight Comes Home To Windsor

Windsor's Boom Boom Room is welcoming home a true superstar from the world of Burlesque.
Roxi D'Lite appears tomorrow night at the Boom Boom Room.
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Four new exhibitions are opening this week at the Art Gallery of Windsor.

Tomorrow night, the music will be playing, the wine flowing and the art delighting.
It's the Hot Nights Cool Art opening reception at the Art Gallery of Windsor to celebrate the unvieling of four new exhibtions at the gallery. Srimoyee Mitra is the gallery's newly appointed curator of Contemporary Art at the gallery she joins me now to tell us more about the exhibitions.
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If you love alternative film we have some great news about a great way to see these films right here in Windsor.

The Windsor Film Club is trying something very different this year. They've teamed up with a film company and now they're showing alternative films in Windsor bi-weekly. William Wood is the co-president of Windsor Film. William and fellow member Mike McCou join me in the Studio.
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Leamington Arts Centre is looking for a special kind of art for an upcoming exhibition.

Are you ready for an art project. Get your creative tools ready because The Leamington Arts Centre is looking for submissions for their upcoming Art show. But....the visual art pieces require specific criteria.We've reached the Gallery Director Chad Riley to tell us all about it.
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The 10th Annual Smogfest Art Exhibition begins this week.

Smogfest sounds like a celebration of Smog. In fact - it's the opposite.It's an art exhibition that draws attention to the "poor" air quality of our featuring local works of art.
Its the 10th year where organizers get artists to create art - inspired by poor air quality as well as other environmental issues.
Vittorio Sbrocca is the Smogfest Coordinator.
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Love to experience new restaurants but not sure you want to pay full price to take your chances. We'll tell you about a way to check out area restaurants at discounted prices.

Windsor and Essex county is punctuated by lots and lots of really good restaurants. But short of shelling out money and actually trying each one out - there really isn't a way to find out if what they are like....until this week. Adriano Ciotoli ( Chow-Tally) is the co-owner of Windsor Eats. He joins me now in studio along with a couple of people from the list of16 participating restaurants to tell us about Eat your city.....Hello Adriano.. and welcome Mat Mathias from Chanoso's Restaurant and Chef Dave Codotte from the RyeGate...
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