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July 2011 Archives

Visitors from all over North America are expected this weekend in Windsor. They'll be celebrating Emancipation.

Visitors from all over North America will be coming to Windsor this weekend.
It's all to celebrate Emancipation. Marc Taylor is organizing the event and he joins me now to tell us all about it.
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Our book panel joins us with some suggestions for young adult readers

Are there young adults in your house?
Are they doing the mid-summer climb up the walls?
Well -- maybe what they need to settle the love of a good book.
Our trusty CBC book panel is here with a nice list of
young adult literature that should attract your young ones attention.
Welcome John Schlarbaum, Alison Smith and Laurie Foisey.
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When fire destroyed a Comber church last March it seemed as if all the memories of the 120 year old building were gone forever. We'll talk to a man who's not only asking for your memories of the Mount Olivet Methodist church...but he also has time capsule

When fire destroyed a Comber church last March it seemed as if all the memories of the 120 year old building were gone forever. Joepph Lucasis a man who's not only asking for your memories of the Mount Olivet Methodist church...but he also has the unopened time capsule found between the burnt out walls of the church.
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16 Year old playwright at Fringe Festival.

My next guest is a young playwright.At the age of 15, she wrote a comedic single act play French Fried.Then she formed her own theatre company called Salad Days.
She submitted the play to Windsor's International Fringe Festival...and it was accepted.
Then she turned 16.Now, on her summer break between the 10th and 11th grade at Belle River High School...Samantha Westlake is spending a week watching audiences enjoy her play.
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A 19-year-old from Tecumseh is pursuing a country music between studying French at York University.

Last year she won the star search contest of an Oshawa country music station.
Now she's promoting her debut single. 19-year-old Alyssa Gill well on her way to living out her dream as a country music singer.
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The Windsor International Fringe festival continues this week. "Banjovial" is one of the events.

Who doesn't love a good bit of banjo? This year at the Fringe there's an act called Banjovial....So yes, you've assumed correctly, that the act IS a blend of banjo and comedic banter. Banjovial is Torontonian Tony Molesworth.
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Sunsplash Festival Preview

If you like to be near the water, head down to Belle River this weekend for it's Annual Sunsplash Festival. We'll get a preview.
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Montreal Band "The Unsettlers"

I'll speak to Ben Brandes of the Montreal based Rock Group "The Unsettlers", They're in town tonight playing at Windsor's Phog Lounge.
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13 Year Old Disney Singing Sensation Jocelyn Meyer

She's only 13-years-old, but after this singer and actor auditioned in Orlando, Florida at Disney last week. She's now fielding calls from a pile of talent agents.
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Windsor is Getting an IMAX Theatre

Windsor is getting an IMAX theatre. In fact it opens this Friday night at Cineplex Entertainment's Silvercity on Walker road.
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Singer / Songwriter Amanda Mabro Interview

Fun Food and Music this weekend at festival epicure on Windsor's waterfront.
One of the headliners is Amanda Mabro.
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Another weekend in Windsor and another festival. Time for Festival Epicure.

Now that you're all rested from Summerfest, time to ramp it back up this weekend in Windsor for Festival Epicure.After taking a year off the very successful event is back on beginning tomorrow night and continuing thru sunday the 10th.
This morning I met with organizer Ken Brandas on Windsor's waterfront Festival Plaza.
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We'll speak to CBC Radio 3 host Grant Lawrence about this year's shortlist for the Polaris Music Prize.

Earlier this afternoon, the shortlist for the Polaris Music Prize was announced.It's the sixth year for the prize, which goes to the best Canadian album of the past year as judged by music critics across Canada.The prize is judged solely on artist merit, independent of record sales.CBC Radio 3 Host Grant Lawrence made the announcement earlier today in Toronto.
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We'll hear about a pilot project launched today to get panhandlers off the street and get the help they need.

A pilot project was launched today to address panhandling in downtown Windsor.
Downtown businesses say they're seeing more panhandlers on the streets of Windsor....
and they're joining forces with the Homeless Coalition of Windsor Essex County to address
the issue. Joyce Zuk chairs the Homeless Coalition.
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Barbecue culture: Canada versus the U.S. How does our country stack up to our neighbours when it comes to grilling?

It's Independence Day south of the border.And here in Canada, U.S. ambassador David Jacobson is honouring the holiday by hosting what's been dubbed "Backyard BBQ 2011". The event focusses on the great American tradition of barbecue and will include a U.S./Canada grilling competition.My next guest says the two countries have distinct barbecue cultures.Ted Reader is a barbecue guru and celebrity chef.
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