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June 2011 Archives

Years of Ernest Band Interview

The McLeod family keeps churning out the talent...this time it's Andrew McLeod and his band Years of Earnest.
They've got a new C.D. being released on Canada day and this afternoon he'll be my guest in studio.

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Fireworks Families

It's fireworks night annual tradition for many families but for some it's way more than that, we'll talk to a pair of Michigan familes who've been making the trip to Windsor to watch the show, for over a decade.

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Elvis Fest

It's "one for the money, two for the show, three to get ready, now go cat go"....yes it's
Elvis Fest in downtown Windsor this weekend...we'll get a preview of what's in store

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From All Right Now to Bad Company - from Satisfaction Guaranteed to The Show Must Go On. An Interview with Paul Rogers.

From All Right Now to Bad Company - from Satisfaction Guaranteed to The Show Must Go On. Only one singer can claim success across all those years and with all of the bands that made those songs hits. Paul Rogers comes to Caesars Windsor this Saturday night.
I spoke with him on The Bridge.
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Plans are moving ahead to create a Work and Play Art Gallery.

On Saturday a small but enthusiatic group met at the Caboto Club to toss around an idea.
They'd like to open an art gallery where the artists not only show their work but create it there too. It's called Work and Play. Cam Franzoi is the fellow trying to get this off the ground.
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Windsor Law Student Bikes down the West Coast of the U.S.

Imagine waking up every morning for seven weeks and riding your bike 95 kilometers! It sounds daunting to say the least. But that's exactly what one University of Windsor Law Student is doing this Summer.
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Drive-In Coming to Lakeshore

If you miss the old drive-in theatres that used to dot Walker Road, you won't have to
miss it for much longer. A new drive-in theatre is opening up near Tilbury in a few months.
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Tim Trembley Interview

The Windsor woman who pick the hits during the era of Big 8 Radio in Windsor is being honoured tonight.
We'll tell you just how influential Rosalie Trombley was and how instrumental she was in launching the careers of some of the worlds biggest stars .

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Burt Weeks Statue Vandalized

The Bert Weeks Memorial Garden's on Windsor's waterfront has been vandalized and now Bert Week's daughter says the city is neglecting the man whose vision created Windsor's waterfront parks.

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Ray Parker Jr. Interview

As if it wasn't getting crazy enough with all the entertainment on Windsor's waterfront this gets even better this weekend with Carousel by the River.
It kicks off tongiht night with none other than Ray Parker Jr. know, the guy who wrote Ghostbusters!
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We'll hear from the Windsor band "Stereo Goes Stellar", they have a new CD out.

Tomorrow night, at The Blind Dog in Windsor, there's a Cd release party by one of Windsor's favourite bands, "Stereo Goes Stellar".Their latest Cd is called "The Unstoppable EP" Stereo Goes Stellar is made up of Jeremy Coulter, Mick DiMaio,
Keith Howlett, Erik Stenlund, and Iain Kennedy. Joining me now are band mates Jeremy, Iain and Mick.
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It won't be music coming thru the doors of the Phog Lounge in Windsor tomorrow'll be laughter.

Canada's coolest nightclub...the Phog Lounge in Windsor...usually features a steady stream of independant musical artists but tomorrow night the music is giving way to laughter, It's being billed as An Invasion of American Comics.
At least six are coming over hoping to conquer the Windsor audience with their humour.
Harry Moroz and Ricarlo Flannigan.
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Heather Geluk's second attempt at climbing Mount Everest is over.

Over the past couple of months, we've been journeying with Heather Geluk. Heather grew up in Ridgetown and now lives in England....but for the past two months,
Heather's been in Nepal to make her second attempt at climbing Mount Everest.
Over the past two months, we've been chatting with her by satellite phone as she went
higher and higher....waiting for the right window to climb to the summit. Through it all she's dealt with jet streams tearing their campsite apart, bitter cold and bitter heat, strong winds and lots of ice and snow. Just over a week ago her expedition went for the 88 hundred metre summit. Did Heather make it? Well she's on the line to tell us.
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A mission to help people in Haiti that began from a small project to collect used shoes.

It's been a year and a half since an earthquake devastated Haiti. And while there's still a lot of work to be done, my next two guests are doing what they can to help the people in Haiti. It all started with a project by Brogan Probert...and it's ballooned into something much bigger. Brogan Probert is in grade 11 at Belle River High school and the daughter of the late Bob Probert. Jim Scott is president of Ground Effects.
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A feature interview with Ashley MacIsaac.

After three years or preparing writing and arranging, Ashley MacIsaac has a brand new C.D. ready for release. It's called Crossover and some are saying it's a return to the sound he created on his breakout C.D., Hi, How're you Doin? Indeed, he's called on some old friends to help out on Crossover including Mary Jane Lamond and a young guitarist Quinn Bachand who he's been performing with quite regularly over the past couple of years.Besides the new C.D., Ashley has a busy summer lined up with appearances locally and across the country.He seems to be settling in to his adoptive home right here in Windsor and this afternoon we though it'd be fun to have Ashley join us for the whole hour this afternoon. We're going listen to a few of the songs from Crossover, we'll talk with Ashley and you have a chance to get in on the conversation
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We'll draw the winner of the original work by watercolour artist Mary Jane Gagnier

Boy there are a lot of people who are hoping to win the original work being
painted by watercolour artist Mary Jane Gagnier this afternoon. Mary Jane is one of the artists you'll see at Art in the Park at Willistead this weekend. And she's been with us throughout the show today to paint an original work.
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Coming up...a tour thru Windsor's new riverfront stage complex with the Senior designer of that project leading the tour.

Boy, there were a lot of people who doubted that the new stage on the riverfront plaza in Windsor would be ready in time for the festival season. And while there might still be some work to be done, this weekend's first festival of the season - Beaverfest - will go on and the bands will use the newly built stage.Earlier this afternoon I dropped by the work site and spoke with the Senior designer of the project, Matt Woods with ADA Architects in Windsor.
While we talked crews were installing the lighting grid above the stage in preparation for Beaverfest.
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