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Halifax singer songwriter Laura Peek performs at the Phog Lounge in Windsor.

Laura Peek is on a mission.After a successful independant release in 2007, her sophomore record Key is now out and Laura is on a tour of Ontario.She wants to increase her profile so to speak.But she has said that she has some reservations about her success on the road.Why, because, she says, It's hard when no one knows who you are.
Ah...the joys of touring...getting your name out there and hoping all the travel and work pays off.Tonight she's introducing herself to Windsor audiences with a date at the Phog Lounge.This afternoon Laura Peek joins me on the line.
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The University's schools of music and visual arts will be moving into the Downtown Armouries. That was part of a big announcement this morning to revitalize the downtown.

It's official. As we reported on Friday, Windsor's downtown is getting a major boost.
This morning the province announced it will invest 30 million dollars, in addition to the city's 60 million dollars into Windsor's downtown. The money will go toward an aquatics centre
and to help the University of Windsor relocate some of it's programs downtown.The plan includes seeing the University's music and visual arts programs relocate to the downtown armouries building That's music to the ears of Jonathan Bayley. He's the director of the School of Music.
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Guitar heaven this weekend in Chatham.

For the past five years Chatham based guitarist Tom Lockwood has brought together other guitarists for a night of music and I would imagine a bit of merriment.This Saturday night it happens at the Kiwanis theatre in Chatham.This afternoon Tom Lockwood joins me on the line.
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We meet a 12 year old boy who's been accepted into a professional ballet company.

When Conrad Mueller started ballet two and a half years ago, it started off as something fun to do. But now that fun has turned into a passion....and his passion is taking him to a 4 week program this summer with the Royal Winnipeg Ballet.Conrad Mueller auditioned for the Royal Winnipeg Ballet last fall and was accepted into the summer program. Conrad Mueller joins me now in the studio.
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A new play by Windsor playwrite Joey Ouellette documents the life of female riveters during the second world war.

Most of us are familiar with Rosie The Riveter...a name given to represent women who went to work in the factories during World War Two while the men were off fighting that war.Of course, it was a groundbreaking time for women who learned they could do any job men could do.They also liked making their own money and the independance that brought.But Rosie represented the american women who worked in american plants.
Here in Canada they were called Ruth the Riveter.Now, local playwrite Joey Ouellette has created Riveter, a play that looks at the social constructs that women were under at that time as well as how they were used as propaganda during that time.Riviter is being staged by Windsor Feminist Theatre at the Dowtown Mission Theater on Victoria avenue.
Performances are this Friday at 8 p.m. and Saturday at 2.I met with Joey Ouellette earlier today at a rehearsal.
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Chatham woman's song gives boost to Telus and local charity

Jessica Allossery is on the brink of something really exciting.Her song, Change The World has been chosen by Telus as the soundtrack to it's commercial thanking it's customers for contributing to Telus' Give Where You Live Campaign.Jessica is 21 years old, lives in Chatham and is studying at Fanshawe College in London.
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How confusing is it for birds when they hear mating calls from a cell phone?

You've seen the commercial where a fellow is in the grocery isle and an attractive woman near him starts talking a very flirty way.He thinks she's talking to him but soon finds out she was talking to someone else on her phone.Now that kind of thing is happening in the birding world.Bird watchers are using a cell phone app that mimics bird songs.
And some say that could lead to more than a could be harmful lto the birds.Daniel Mennill is an assistant professor of biology at the University of Windsor.
He joins me now to tell us more about this case of mistaken identity.
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A screening tonight of the documentary film, Just Because I's about homophobia and youth and it was made in Windsor.

Last year, a local gay man began to document the experiences of local gay youth.
He was going to work that material into a play.He did produce that's called Waking Up Blue.And it played to sold out houses at the Capitol theatre when it was staged last spring.At the same time Chris Rabudeau was putting the play together, Gabrielle and Javier Pescadore decided to document that process for their documentary, "Just Because I Am"....a documentary on homophobia and youth.Tonight, and tomorrow that documentary is being screened at Walkerville High School in Windsor.The film makers, Javier and Gabrielle Pescadore join me in the studio.
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A math conference is currently underway for educators.....but tomorrow it's math for parents and kids. I'll chat with one of tomorrow's keynote speakers.....mathemagician Arthur Benjamin .

Have you ever met one of those people who's really good at good in fact
that they can multiply numbers in an instant....faster than a calculator? Well my next guest is famous for doing that. Arthur Benjamin is a mathemagician and a professor of mathematics at the Harvey Mudd College in Claremont, California. And he combines
his love of math and magic to inspire kids. Arthur Benjamin is one of the keynote speakers at the Math Conference for educators happening over at the University of Windsor. He speaks tonight and again tomorrow at a workshop for parents and kids.
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Professor Louie and the Crowmatix are being inducted into the Canada South Blues Museum in Windsor.

Even if you don't know my next guest by name, you've probably heard his work.
Professor Louie, as he is called, produced the last three albums by The Band, before the Band called it quits for good. His touch can be heard on Jericho, High on the Hog and Jubilation. Today, he leads the group Professor Louie and the Chromatics.
This Saturday night he's being inducted into the Canada South Blues Museum at Place Concorde in Forest Glade. He'll also be performing with his band.
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Culture days is a cross Canada movement aimed at raising awareness about the arts.

For an effort that began last September Culture Days is picking up steam right across the country. Culture Days is the largest puiblic participation campaign ever launched by Canada's artistic community. In Windsor, there's a meeting planned for Monday afternoon to tlak about how we might participate. Justin Langlois is with the Arts Council of Windsosr and Region He joins me now to explain.
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A psychology researcher at the University of Windsor is looking for kids between the ages of 4 and 10 to take part in a study on the cognitive advantages of growing up with more than one language.

If you have a child between the ages of 4 and 10 who currently speaks at least two
languages and who has heard these languages since birth, then Dana Shapiro wants to hear from you. Dana Shapiro is a doctoral student in psychology at the University of Windsor. She's looking for children to take part in a study that looks deeper into the advantages of being raised with more than one language.
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Raising money by hitting the skins....local drummer Jeff Burrows is gearing up for his annual 24 hour drumming marathon.

At one point in human history many cultures used drums as the preferred method of communication.Granted, most of us use telephones these days but local drummer Jeff Burrows is going back to those primitive times.He's about to embark on his annual twenty four hour drum marathon.And his message is a plea to riase money for Transition to organization that raises money to create comfortable and compassionate rooms for cancer patients and their families at Windsor Regional hospital.
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We'll hear about a new performance piece by Windsor's Gina Lori Riley.

When I was 13...20 was old.When I was 30...60 was old.Now that I'm old...I know what old is and isn't.I also know that feeling of looking in the mirror and not seeing that dashing young handsome man any longer.How many times have you passed by a store window and seen your reflection and thinking, who is that staring back at me...It's my Dad! well, that rumination on appearance and age is at the heart of a new performance piece by Windsor's Gina Lori Riley.She has her own dance company as well as being on the faculty at the School of Dramatic Art at the University of Windsor.Tonight she's debuting her new work at the University.
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When the Windsor Light Theatre's production of The Drowsy chaperone opens this Friday night, it'll be a homecoming of sorts for one of the actors.

On Friday night one of the actors taking part will be stepping on the stage for the first time in some 30 plus years.Barb Desjardins was a regular at Windsor Light before life took her to the west coast. Now, after moving back home she's back on the boards and...well, let's find out how she's enjoying it.
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The Windsor Jewish Film Festival gets underway tonight.

The Windsor Jewish Film Festival gets underway tonight at the Devonshire Mall.
This is the 9th year for the festival and over the next three days, it will feature films with
a Jewish theme. Stuart Selby is one of the organizers of this festival...he joins me in the studio.
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