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Matt Gallagher, Windsor filmmaker, poker documentary "Grinders" premiering at Hot Docs Festival.

A documentary about poker by Windsor filmmaker Matt Gallagher is premiering at the Hotdocs Film Festival in Toronto tonight. This festival is the largest documentary festival in North America. Each year, it features cutting edge documentaries from Canada and around the world. Matt Gallagher's film "Grinders" is one of the films being featured.
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After taking home five awards from the Western Ontario Drama League Theatre Windsor is remounting it's winning production of Who's Afraid Of Virginia Wolf.

It's quite an accomplishment.Bringing home five awards from the recent Western Ontario Drama Leagues competition.And now, Theatre Windsor is remounting it's winning production of Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolf.It opens tomorrow night and continues Saturday and Sunday at it's theatre in the Market Square.Jeff Bastien is the director of that show.
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She's called a modern day troubadour...travelling around the world singing songs about ordinary people...Maria Dunn brings her show to MacKenzie Hall on Saturday Night

When you think of people like Woody Guthrie, Bob Dylan and Pete Seeger, you remember they were musicians and songwriters that chronicled to lives of ordinary people.They travelled the backroads and heard the stories of people struggling, people fighting for dignity as well as those larger than life characters and stranger than fiction stories. Well, that's sort of been the career of Maria Dunn. Raised in Alberta and Ontario she has also travelled the world collecting material for her songs which have been recognised with Juno nominations and Canadian Folk Awards.This Saturday night Maria Dunn performs at MacKenzie Hall.
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Comedian Lorne Elliott is coming to Chatham this Thursday to do a show at the Capitol Theatre.

The Capitol Theatre in Chatham is bringing in a very funny gentleman .Lorne Elliott performs on Thursday April 28.Lorne is perhaps best known as the host of the CBC Radio program Madly Off In All Directions. He hosted that show for 11 years.He also appeared on Definately Not the Opera and Morningside.The title of his show in Chatham is "The Collected Mistakes" which alone suggests a pretty funny evening of comedy.
I had a chance to speak with him today.
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We check in with Mt. Everest adventurer...Heather Geluk . She's now at the Base camp and the weather isn't good.

Over the past few weeks, we've been checking in with Heather Geluk. Heather is making her second attempt at climbing Mount Everest...and as she tackles the two month climb, she's sharing her journey with us and with students at Ridgetown High School ....her old alma mater. Up until now, Heather has been preparing for the Everest climb. But now reality has set in. Earlier this week they arrived at the Base Camp on the North side of Mount Everest. And while people are complaining about the weather here it's nothing compared to what Heather is currently experiencing. I managed to talk with Heather earlier today....I started off by asking her what conditiions were like.
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A performance by the Windsor Symphony Chorus features Durefle's Requem and a brand new choral work by Jeff Enns...I'll talk with chorus Master Joel Tranquilla .

Tomorrow night voices will rise at Assumption University Chapel.The Windsor Symphony Orchestra Chorus is performing Durefle's Requem and a new choral work by Jeff Enns.
Joel Tranquilla is the WSO's Chorus Master.He joins me with a preview
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World famous boys choir "Libera" performs in Chatham.

If you enjoy listening to the angelic voices of boys choirs, you won't want to miss a concert
happening in Chatham tonight. Libera, a boys choir from England, are performing
at St. Paul's Congregational Church in Chatham tonight.This is their first Canadian tour....but they've performed for dignitaries around the world. Robert Priseman is the director of Libera. He joins me on the line. Also joining us is Kavana Crossley,
one of the boys in the choir.
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I'll chat with author Richard Zurawski. He has a beef about how science stories are covered in the media.

You may remember Richard Zurawski from his time in Windsor bringing you the weather here at CBC Windsor. But since those days, Richard has gone on to do many other things....including becoming an author. Richard Zurawski's latest book is out. It's called
"Media Mediocrity:Waging War Against Science - How Television makes us Stoopid (with 2 o's)". And it focuses on the disservice the media does in covering science.
Richard Zurawski wil be in town this weekend for a book signing and to talk about his book. But first he joins us from our studio in Toronto.
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The city of Windsor is 119 years old today ...we'll get a bit of a history lesson.

Windsor is celebrating a birthday today. On this date, back in 1892, Windsor was
incorporated as a city. Larry Kulisek knows all about the history of Windsor. He wrote a book about Windsor when we celebrated our centennial 19 years ago. His book is called "Windsor: A Centennial Celebration".Larry Kulisek is a retired professor of
history at the University of Windsor. He's now an administrator with the Dean's office in the faculty of arts and social sciences at the University.
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There was a meeting in Windsor of local religious leaders as to how different faiths view organ donations.

Faith leaders from various religions talked about their views on organ and tissue donation
today. The discussion involving clergy from 6 different faiths took place at Hotel Dieu Grace
Hospital this morning. ....all in an effort to raise awareness about becoming an organ donor.
Joining me now are Pastor Mike Lees and Dr. Paresh Pandya.
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Heather Geluk is in Kathmandu getting ready to make her second attempt at climbing Mount Everest. We'll hear what it takes to prepare for a climb of this magnitude....and we'll get a little lesson on acclimatization from one of the guides.

Over the next few months, we're checking in with Heather Geluk. Heather is making her second attempt to climb Mount Everest.....and as she tackles the two month climb, she's sharing her journey with us and with students at her old high school in Ridgetown.
Last week, Heather spent the week doing a practice run to get ready for the big climb.
This week, she's in Katmandu. I spoke with Heather earlier today. She started off by telling us where she was.
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Art Gallery of Windsor is screening a film about the Salton was supposed to be the Californian Riviera but now is considered an ecological disaster.

Back in the 1950's some folks in California thought they'd turn the area around Salton Sea into a tourist destination...the idea was to turn it into the Californian Riviera. But, things didn't turn out quite like they expected.Shortly after, the project was abandoned and the Salton Sea became well, let's just say it's not the way it used to be. The story of Salton Sea is being presented this Wednesday afternoon at the Art Gallery of Windsor.
it's screening the documentary film, Plagues and Pleasures on the Salton Sea.Sandi Wheaton is a Windsor photographer who has herself documented the Salton Sea in her photographs.She's introducing the film on Wednesday.
This afternoon Sandi joins me in the studio.
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A conversation with nature photographer Kingsvilles' Ethan Meleg.

When Ethan Meleg was growing up in Kingsville,he spent much of his time enjoying nature. At 19, he got his first camera and that started a journey that would eventually marry his love of nature with photography. Ethan Meleg is a professional nature and travel photographer and he's had a lot of adventures waiting for that perfect shot. Ethan Meleg is coming home to Kingsville this weekend to talk about his adventures in a presentation called "Confessions of a Crazed Photographer".
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Windsor has it's own Pawn star...that's pawn...p-a-w-n.

Some of the most popular reality shows right now are about finding treasure...and trying to hawk that treasure for cash at a pawn shop.Now, in Canada, History Television is about to debut it's own version of the pawn shop's called Pawn-a-Thon.
One of the appraisers tapped to estimate the value of some of the items is Windsor's Marco Bradic. He just wrapped up three days of appraising and filming in Toronto
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Vinyl Cafe musical guests are Luke Doucet and Melissa McLelland

Wherever Stuart McLean and the Vinyl Cafe go he always brings along a musical guest.
Tonight, in Windsor the Vinyl Cafe comes to the Chrysler Theatre and tomorrow night the show moves to Macomb Cetre in Mt. Clemens Michigan.And Stuart's musical guests this time around are Melissa McLelland and Luke Doucet.Two musicians who perform separately and together and who happen to be married to each other.Earlier today I stopped by their hotel room in Windsor for a chat and began by asking them how they met.
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We chat with a woman on the other side of the earth as she prepares to climb mount Everest.

Last week I spoke with Heather Geluk. Heather now lives in England but she grew up in Ridgetown. And last week she was in ridgetown visiting her old high school.That's because she'll be communicating with the students as she embarks on an adventure of a lifetime.
Heather Geluk is joining a Bristish-led expedition to climb Mount Everest. This is her second attempt at the climb. And as she climbs, she'll be sharing her journey with
students at three high schools, including Ridgetown District High School.
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A good and happy childhood..that's how Roger Bell describes his upbringing in Port Elgin during the 1950's.

Roger Bell says his memoir of growing up in Port Elgin is about community.And, he says, he had a good and happy childhood....nothing terrible happened, he was protected and given what he was needed.So why write a book about that?
Let's find out. Roger Bell will be in Windsor this Thursday for the launch of his memoir, titled Candy Cigarettes, published by Black Moss Press.
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A windsor woman known for her recordings of Hindustani music is joining forces with the World Jazz Group Dave Sharp's Secret Seven.

You might not know the name Parag Ray but she is one of the best known purveyors of classical indian music.And she lives in Windsor.Known for her recordings of Hindustani music, in Ann Arbor tonight, Parag is stepping into another world of music...the jazz world.
She's joining the Dave Sharp Secret Seven jazz ensemble at the Kerrytown concert house in Ann Arbor.
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